Install a shading inside the conservatory - that's how it works

Everyone knows how the windows of the new conservatory can be shaded from the inside with blinds or curtains. But how should the sunlight be shed that shines through the glass roof or a double-skin plate?

Looking for a cheap solution?

Of course, there are countless great solutions for shading from the inside. The simplest and most favorable model, however, is certainly an awning or canvas fabric that can be moved on a tensioning cable.

Install an interior shading step by step

  • sailcloth
  • metal eyelets
  • tether
  • wall hooks
  • Rivet / Ösenzange
  • sewing machine
  • drilling machine
  • drill
  • tongs

1. Attach and remove the tensioning cable

It may sound nonsensical to first build the tether and then take it down again. But only if both tensioning cables are mounted, the substance can be measured exactly. Also, the space for the eyelets in the fabric can be determined so better.

Nobody would later want a sagging sunscreen that unevenly dangles from the ceiling.

2. Cut fabric and sew edges

Add enough stock before cutting so that the seam can be made wide enough. The fabric lasts even longer if you put the fabric twice on the sides where the eyelets are to be attached.

3. Put eyelets - but evenly

Place the eyelets approximately 20 to 30 centimeters apart. Depending on how far the fabric folds should hang when the canvas is pulled back.

But it is very important that the eyelets are punched exactly the same on both sides. Also, the distance to the edge and each other should be the same. Draw the eyelets with tailor's chalk and, as a precaution, double-check that everything is in place before putting the eyelets.

4. Thread the canvas and tension the rope

When all eyelets are in place, the canvas can be threaded into the rope. Then the rope is stretched tight. After a few weeks, the rope usually has to be re-tensioned.

Tips & Tricks

In an unheated conservatory, moisture quickly drips on the canvas. If you spray an impregnation from the camping accessories on the canvas, it stays nice longer and the water can simply bead off.

Video Board: How to Install a Shade Sail