A shady spot: the sunscreen for the balcony

The retractable if necessary awning offers a luxurious sunscreen, but this variant is relatively expensive and also not wanted by many landlords. In addition to the awning, we will introduce you to a few other sun protection options for your balcony so that you can enjoy your shady spot in style. How about a balcony curtain, for example?

The different types of awnings

Awning is not the same as awning. For example, there is the articulated arm awning, which is especially often bought. This model has at least 2 powerful articulated arms, which hold the sun and rain protection without lateral supports over the balcony. The inclination is often adjustable.

The basket awning is stretched over an aluminum frame and has a curved shape. It is more resistant to wind and offers a decorative look with a touch of nostalgia.

The rope tensioning awning hangs between two stainless steel tensioning cables, sliding hooks allow flexible handling. This type of awning can be used both horizontally and vertically.

Awning - the cheap alternative

Awnings are an inexpensive alternative to the awning. They are usually tied to the balcony or adjustable masts. The masts make the system much more flexible. You can buy awnings either by standard measures "off the shelf" or custom made.

Stock umbrella versus sunshade

The simplest parasol is a stick umbrella, it sits on a vertical plastic rod, you can open and close it, up and down. The sunshade opens up new possibilities:

Here, the canopy hangs like a lantern over the balcony, because the stand has a kink in an adjustable angle. So the sunshade stands next to your chair, even though the canopy is directly above you: A smart and flexible sun protection variant.

However, the umbrella is less susceptible to wind than the umbrella, so it is often used where a fresh breeze can blow.

Vertical sun protection: the balcony curtain

The balcony curtain is a rather unused variant of the sunscreen, but offers a lot of flexibility and a homely atmosphere. Such an outdoor curtain should be made of weatherproof fibers, for example canvas or awning fabric.

A balcony curtain must of course be attached to a canopy or another wall projection, so there is already a sun protection from above available. The drawn-in balcony curtain then acts heavily darkened.

Some balcony users use wooden or metal sliding shutters instead of curtains, which are also vertical and integrated in a rail system. The following applies to these full-surface sun protection systems: Ask your landlord before installation!

In the 4th part of our series on the topic of balcony design, you will learn interesting things about the many different ways to install a privacy screen.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the UV light blocking effect of your sunscreen. Also, remember to choose a light color that reflects the sunlight and therefore the heat, rather than storing it.

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