Clean high pile carpet

To clean a high pile carpet, the mobility and size of the carpet is the deciding factor. If the carpet can be moved, cleaning in the bathtub or outside makes sense. For a permanently laid and possibly even fixed carpet, the procedure must be different.

Mobile or permanent

A transportable high pile carpet is best washed in the bathtub or on a clean and even outer surface. A big advantage of this procedure is the lower transport costs. The fibers with a length between 1.5 and 5 centimeters produce an enormous weight when wet.

If the high pile carpet is fixed, fixed with furniture or several square meters in size, it must be cleaned on site. For this purpose, a steam or vacuum cleaner is best. The possible intensity of the cleaning in this case depends on the material of the carpet.

Wash mobile high pile carpet

  • Carpet cleaners
  • water
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Long bristle brush
  • water hose
  • Possibly steam cleaner
  • Possibly vacuum cleaner

1. Pre-clean

Suck off the carpet thoroughly. Shake it out to both sides with the help of a second person.

2. Lay out

Lay the carpet with the pile up on a clean and even surface. Mix the detergent in a bucket or steam cleaner.

3. Washing

Apply the cleaning solution with the long-bristle brush or spray the surface evenly with the steam cleaner. Rinse with clear water from the water hose until no more foam escapes.

4. Dry

Hang the high pile carpet with the pile up on a carpet bar or a ventilated slatted construction.

Clean fixed high pile carpet

1. Pre-clean

Vacuum the high pile carpet in two passes. Use a smooth nozzle on the first pass and a brush attachment on the second pass.

2. Apply detergent

Distribute the carpet shampoo, foam or cleaning powder evenly on the carpet according to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. Let the product act as indicated.

3. Clean

Vacuum dry detergent with a conventional vacuum cleaner. In case of a wet cleaning with the vacuum cleaner you have to fill the cleaning agent into the vacuum cleaner.

cleaning temperature

In particular, when using a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, find out which cleaning temperatures your high pile carpet can withstand. Most of the time you will find a sewn or glued sign on one corner of the carpet with the appropriate information. If the minimum temperature of the cleaning equipment is higher than the specified one, you must brush out your fixed carpet by hand.

Tips & Tricks

The vast majority of high pile carpets are made of durable plastic fibers. If your specimen is made of plastic, including the stramin, it will withstand dry cleaners and the appropriate cleansers. Make sure that the canvas is not made of cotton or linen.

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