Clean Shaggy carpet as dry as possible

If a shaggy rug is to be cleaned as a loose rug, it can be compared to a heavy piece of textile such as a curtain made of heavy material. With permanently installed Shaggy carpet, the metered use of moisture plays a role in cleaning. Most rugs of this type are made of highly absorbent natural fibers.

Properties must be obtained

The long and often airy arranged fibers of the shaggy carpet develop their special charm, similar to similar related floats carpet, by the random and shaggy falling apart of the pile. When cleaning it is important not to change this property. Therefore, no residue must remain in the fibers at every cleaning or the mechanically generated crimp of the fibers are destroyed.

Suck, knock and not deflate

In general, regular basic cleaning of the shaggy carpet consists of mechanical work such as sucking and knocking. Vacuum cleaners need a brush-free pad and knock-out is only possible with moving carpets. These types of cleaning generally suffice to remove loose dirt and limit linting of a wool rug.

The special structure of the shaggy carpet, however, permanently retains a certain lint. It should not be attempted to remove by intensive cleaning, otherwise tissue damage is inevitable. A "healthy" shaggy carpet is always lapping.

Hochflor forms a water reservoir

If it is a movable and loose carpet, it can be washed in complete baths. A fixed shaggy carpet must be washed by metered wetness.

Portable shaggy carpet

The long-pile construction produces a very high absorbency, which quickly leads to enormous weight. As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that a perfect wet shaggy carpet can not be lifted by one person from a square meter of space. When cleaning in the bathtub, the lifting and lowering procedure must be performed several times to dunk the carpet into washing and rinsing water. As a washing machine only professional equipment in industrial laundries are considered.

Fixed shaggy carpet

The most advantageous form of cleaning for the fixed high pile is the use of dry shampoo. If possible, the use of wet and damp cleaning methods should be avoided.

Tips & Tricks

When cleaning, drying the carpet is the more important process. In all cases, ensure ventilation and complete drying before reusing the carpet.

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