Sheesham Holz - what about the quality?

Especially in Sheesham wood, the question of quality always crops up. It is often considered not very high - although the sheesham wood is a precious wood of the Palisander family. Why this is and what quality problems are common, read in this post.

quality assessment

Origin and name

First, it is important - especially in tropical woods with many different names and names for closely related species - to determine whether the purchased wood is actually "real" sheesham wood. This is not always easy to determine, because designations are often used arbitrarily. That this is real Sheesham wood can be assumed if the name of the wood is given as:

  • sissoo
  • Thali
  • Sheesham
  • Shisha
  • Bahia Rosewood (only Bahia Rosewood, other Rosewood species or Rosewood species are not Sheesham!)

If the wood comes from Pakistan or from the Punjab, one can assume that it is most likely Sheesham. It should be noted, however, the respective wood quality.

wood quality

It is important - as with any wood - to determine what exactly was processed. Due to the high demand of recent years, the inferior sapwood is repeatedly processed in addition to the heartwood. In some cases, sapwood can account for up to 30% of furniture exported to Europe. The quality of each piece of furniture suffers as a result, and the often high price is no longer justified. However, this loss of quality can often only be ruled out by trustworthy dealers and manufacturers.

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Tips & Tricks

Make sure that you obtain tropical timber only from trustworthy sources and that it comes from sustainable cultivation as far as possible. This is the FSC seal information that is supported by many environmental organizations. Uncertified wood should not be bought if possible.

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