Seal the sheet metal roof - you have these options

A clean and professionally laid roof made of trapezoidal sheets is usually completely sealed for a long time. So there are rarely any problems here. For older metal roofs, such as Stehfalzblechen, but this can certainly be the case. How to help yourself, read in this post.

Tin roofs and leaks

Tin roofs are usually very stable and rarely leak unless properly and properly installed. With very old houses and not exactly exact craftsmanship, however, leaks may occur occasionally.

First and foremost, however, you should investigate the cause of a possible infiltration of water and think of other causes as well.

Where does water come from?

  • Waterlogging - possibly also through clogged gutters or drains
    Condensation moisture, so-called condensation water
  • leaks outside the roof, such as connections to other buildings, fireplaces,...
  • leaky pipes or pipes

Repair damage to the tin roof - with what?

Especially with older roofs are often the shocks and the connection points vulnerable, the formerly quite common standing seam plates may occasionally carry damage with the decades once.

One possibility for sealing is bitumen thick coating - the so-called plumber death. Although this is a simple, but not particularly favorable Abdichtmöglichkeit. Sheets may begin to rust around the coating after some time, and then disposal of the sheets may later become problematic.

A good sealing option is bitumen welding sheets, which are simply welded over the damaged areas. This is also possible piece by piece. It is recommended that the roof, together with the respective spots, be dotted with Delta Dachcolor, which also prevents corrosion.

Elastomeric liquid film is suitable for complete sealing and renovation even in the case of major damage, but is correspondingly costly and usually not indicated for minor damage.

By the way, you should not use silicone for sealing - this is where acetic acid is produced by the setting process, which causes metal to corrode very quickly. "Sille" fits almost everywhere, but not on the tin roof.

Tips & Tricks

You can save many worries with a new roofing - sheets are relatively cheap, and after the new roofing again for decades durable. This is often less effort than many patchworks.

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