Sheets for the roof - often a good option

The bad and "cheap" reputation that tin roofs used to have is no longer justified today. Sheet metal cover can be an interesting alternative today. Read about the possibilities, what they cost, and where to get them.

Better than his reputation: sheet metal on the roof

The most serious disadvantage - namely the clearly audible drum noise in the rain - is almost the only one, which one finds in metal covers.

Depending on which type of cover you use from sheet metal, the effort, the costs and the prices are significantly different.

Sheet metal cover: the possibilities

  • Tin roof pans are available as coherent meter modules. They are the highest quality alternative, but also quite expensive.
  • Trapezoidal sheets are now used rather for outbuildings and smaller buildings as a very cheap alternative.
  • Corrugated iron is a slightly less elegant, but even cheaper alternative than trapezoidal sheets.

You can expect a price of around 13 EUR per square meter for sheet metal roof tiles, whereas trapezoidal sheets are available from around 3 EUR per square meter, sometimes as a special offer even at about half.

For this purpose, tin roof tiles have the look of a traditional roof tile roof covering, while trapezoidal sheets look just like sheet metal.

Sheet metal for the roof in online trade

  • All sheet metal products for the roof, from trapezoidal sheets to corrugated metal sheets to sheet metal roof tiles
  • All roof sheets and accessories, clear online shop.
  • This dealer specializes mainly in trapezoidal sheets, sheet metal roof tiles and accessories.

It will be cheaper

Especially with trapezoidal sheets there are a lot of special offers and very often also remainders. Here is a price comparison worth all.

Tips & Tricks

If you opt for tin roofing, you may also save on the roof substructure because of the lower weight a bit, in custom-made to size, the installation costs are reduced so that here can usually save even more.

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