Dispose of asbestos boards yourself - you have to know that

When disposing of asbestos, special precautions are required. Special companies are subject to many strict regulations, which of course significantly increase the disposal costs. But up to a certain amount, private individuals can dispose of their own asbestos boards themselves. Here we show what you need to know.


Regionally, there are different numbers of landfills on which asbestos-containing waste may be stored. Which of these are at your place, you must first ask the waste management of your city. There you will usually also find out if there is an upper limit. Often, private individuals may only consign a smaller quantity of asbestos-containing panels. However, in many regions this small quantity is limited to two tons. Anyway, nobody drags the car trailer to the landfill anyway.

Protect and secure

Employees of refurbishment companies are subject to very strict security measures. For example, you have to wear a certain type of respirator. For your own health you should also wear these better respirators and not the cheapest version from the hardware store.

  • Respiratory protection filter units with particle filter class P2 recommended
  • Disposable suit / protective clothing
  • gloves
  • safety goggles
  • when working at height safety line

Weight of asbestos plates

Asbestos boards are quite heavy depending on their strength. That should not be underestimated. When buying the big bags, in which all asbestos-containing plates must be packed, you should therefore choose the appropriate size of packaging.

Wrap up

Asbestos boards may only be delivered safely packed. The industry has developed special big bags that can be easily and cleanly sealed. The big bags are available in different sizes and shapes from ten to about 30 euros a piece.


So that no harmful asbestos fibers can be released during disposal, the asbestos sheets should be slightly moistened. However, you should not make the plates soaking wet as they will both flush the fibers into your garden and increase the weight of the waste. But since you have to pay for the disposal by weight, the larger amount of moisture would be a cost factor.

Tips & Tricks

Later you will receive a so-called accompanying slip at the landfill. This should be stored well, so that later the proper disposal of asbestos plates can always be detected. Anyone who does not dispose of asbestos-containing materials properly commits an offense that can not only be punished with a fine. Thus, the proof of disposal can eventually become important.

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