Build a shoe rack yourself

In the hall you stumble over parked shoes again and again? Time for something new. You can easily build a shoe rack yourself, which is very practical and has a very unique look. In this guide you will find all the steps described in detail.

Enough space for all shoes and in several places in the house? If you want, you can build your shoe rack yourself - just right for the individual circumstances.

Whether you want to build a shoe rack or a shoe cabinet yourself depends on where the furniture should be and how many pairs of shoes you want to store.

The instructions here are about a shoe storage that is airy and slim fit into the hall and can accommodate the slippers of the family. It may be a bit unusual. Following the same principle, a whole shoe wall can be made just as well.

Material requirements for a self-built shoe rack

1 squared timber
1 base plate (multiplex, pine or similar)
Washers made of rubber
Washers of metal
colorful shoehorns (alternative: black shoehorns, shoehorn made of stainless steel - also long shoehorns for boots)

Step 1: Mark shelf and support triangles

On the bottom plate, the dimensions are marked on which the wood is to be cut. The remainder will display four equal, right-angled triangles that will support the squared timber on the floor slab.

Base plate about 50 x 50 cm (can be varied)
Support triangles - right triangles (the larger, the more stable, however, a maximum of 20 cm leg length)

Step 2: Saw out the floor and support triangles

Along the marked lines, the floorboard and the supporting triangles are sawed out.

Precise work is especially important on the support triangles, so that the shoe stand is stable and above all straight.

3rd step: Grind all parts

In the grinding of all parts is not only deburred and smoothed, but at the same time paid attention to complete accuracy of fit. Only when the parts fit together well, the support triangles provide a secure fit.

4th step: Pre-drill holes

The squared timber and the supporting triangles are screwed from below through the base plate. For this, the holes in the bottom plate are pre-drilled so that the wood does not crack. This could easily happen if you turn the wood screws into the wood without pre-drilling.

From below, the recesses for the countersunk screws are then milled out.

The holes for the shoehorns are pre-drilled on the square timber. Always in pairs right and left with a distance of about 30 cm.

5th step: Mount the shoe rack

Now all parts can be screwed tight. Wood glue is additionally applied between the supporting triangles and the square timber and the base plate. This must dry well before the next step can take place.

Step 6: Paint shoe rack

If you like the wood look, you can skip the next step in the color scheme.

We would like to adapt it to the other furniture and therefore paint white. As a result, the colorful shoehorns come into their own much better. In this guide, chalk paint is applied in two coats, giving a somewhat powdery look. It is also easy to achieve a Shabby style. To do this, lightly sand the finished painted surface again.

Step 7: Seal the wooden surface

Since chalk paint is very porous, it is covered with the appropriate sealant dirt repellent. Thus, the shoe rack is also wet wipeable.

Even if the wood surface should remain visible, a seal with a clear coat is recommended.

Step 9: Mount the shoehorn

The shoehorns are screwed through the existing holes in the end of the shoehorn in such a way that the spoon is still pointing up and out. Below the head of the screw are a washer made of metal and one of rubber, so that the plastic can be firmly screwed on without breaking.

You may also need several rubber washers to compensate for the curved shape of the heavily rounded shoehorn.

10th step: Shoe rack set up

Now the shelf is still placed in the designated place and equipped with the first few shoes. These are always well ventilated thanks to the new shoe rack and are always at hand - but not in the way.

If there is enough space, the shoehorns can also be attached from all four sides.

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