Shoe repair: repair, scour and glue shoes

Shoe repair: repair, scour and glue shoes

Shoe repair: repair, scour and glue shoes: shoe

Shoes have to endure a lot over time.

Not only the various influences, such as dirt and water make them to create, also the material plays a major role in the durability of the shoes. Therefore, some solves the sole or the paragraph breaks off after some time.

However, you can use very simple tools to repair and glue your own shoes.

We have put together for you in the following many different instructions for shoe repair. Have fun browsing and fixing!

Contents on the subject of repairing, removing and gluing shoes

  • Glue and repair shoes
  • Shoes are stolen

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Glue and repair shoes

Repair high heels

A guide to fixing the heel of high heels with modeling fondant
at Ofenkieker

Repair paragraph

A guide to repair broken heels of pumps and high heels
at Shoe Digest

Glue rubber boots

A great guide to repair rubber boots
in self-sufficient life

Glue shoes

With this manual you repair broken soles or shoe parts yourself
at groundzeroshop

Frame-stitched shoe

Make a welted leather shoes. A detailed guide with pictures
at Schuhmacherei Sassen

Repair leather shoe

How to fix scratches in leather shoes yourself. A guide with pictures
at Shoepassion

Shoes are stolen

Inseminated slipper

Instructions for stocking slippers with silicone
at theknitter.nicolehindes

Felt Slippers

Newfooted felt slippers with non-slip latex sole - Simple instructions

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