Shoe shine comparison 2018

Purchase advice for shoeshine comparison or test 2018

  • Shoe polishers not only provide clean shoes in the hotel, but are also very useful for home use as an electric cleaning aid. This shortens the time when shoeshining and reduces the effort.
  • A shoe shine machine always consists of brushes, motor and rubber mat. The brushes clean and polish the shoes while the mat catches the dirt. A shoe polish dispenser is a helpful accessory on the device.
  • Not every shoe should be cleaned with the machine. Open shoes are better cleaned by hand and stuffed shoes into the washing machine.

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shine

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shoe

If your shoes were repaired at the cobbler, they were likely to be polished with such a machine afterwards.

Nearly 41.5 million Germans cleaned their shoes at least once a month in 2016. Of these, about 1.3 million people reported daily grooming their shoes (source: VuMA). If you clean and polish your shoes by hand, it can be very tiring after the third or fourth pair. A shoeshine machine can shorten and facilitate the process here.

Shoe polishers are mostly found in hotels. In the lobby, guests can quickly polish their shoes before an important meeting or visit to the opera. Even for private use, the purchase can be worthwhile to remove coarse dirt and make the shoes shine. We will explain how many brushes such a machine should have, how many watts are needed and which accessories make sense in our shoe shine comparison 2018.

1. Fast care with different brushes

The device is operated either by pressing a button or a sensor. The Shoeshine machine can rotate various brush types by means of a motor. The shoe is then held under these brushes and moved so that it is cleaned everywhere. The coarse brush is designed to remove dirt. When buying, make sure that this brush is not made of felt or nylon, otherwise the upper leather of your shoes could be scratched. We recommend shoe shine machines that have a Brush made of cotton, wool yarn or horsehair to have.

Shoe shine comparison 2018: 2018

The shoeshine profession was still quite normal in the 1930s. Today it hardly exists in Germany anymore.

After this pre-cleaning follows the polish, which mostly serve the cotton brushes. Some machines have a shoe polish dispenser which distributes a small amount of the cleaning paste on the shoe. If two brushes are installed in the machine, one is intended for dark and the other for light shoes. This difference is made so that the light shoes do not darken through the shoe polish of the other shoes.

Among the brushes is a rubber mat on most devices. This captures the dirt and can be easily cleaned by shaking and rinsing. The Power of the engine should be at least 120 wattsotherwise the brushes will not turn fast enough.

Note: Especially with expensive leather shoes you should not give up the care and cleaning by hand, because the machine can not be as thorough as you.

2. Purchase criteria for shoe shine machines: You should pay attention to this

When you buy a shoeshine machine, it's not just price. Cheap shoe shine machines are already available from 30 Euro, but the quality of the brushes and the housing is usually not very high. A good device, however, there are already from 50 €. Which criteria a shoe shine test winner must meet, we show you in our purchase advice.

2.1. to brush

Clean shoes by hand

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shine

If you're the type to clean the shoes by hand, you'll need a shoeshine set. These sets usually consist of several brushes, brushes, shoe creams and towels. Even with manual cleaning, the coarse dirt is first removed with the brushes. Then the shoe is processed with the appropriate cream. Then this cream is polished with a cloth, so that the shoe looks shiny and well-groomed.

The brushes are the most important part of a shoe shine machine. If they are inferior, you could scratch your shoes instead of cleaning them. Pay attention to this when buying that the brushes are made of cotton, wool yarn or horsehair. These bristles are deeply anchored in the wooden body of the brush and thus more durable.

The best shoe shine machine has not one, but two polishing brushes - one for dark and one for light shoes. As a result, the brighter shoes are not discolored by the shoe polish or polish for the dark shoes. In general, make sure that the device offers enough space to to clean the shoes from all sides.

2.2. power

The category "Performance" indicates how strong the engine is. Based on the wattage of the device, you can estimate how fast the brushes turn and thus also how carefully the shoe is cleaned. If the engine has a lower power than 120 watts, we advise against buying, The brushes would turn too slowly and not thoroughly clean the shoe.

2.3. revolutions per minute

Some brands and manufacturers indicate not only the power of the engine but also the revolutions per minute. The faster the brushes turn, the better the cleaning becomes. Most shoe shine machines bring it to 1,100 to 1,500 rpm.

Shoe polishers in the hotel industry are usually larger and more robust than the devices for home use. Due to the size, they are also more powerful. The functions are the same.

3. The right care for your shoe

Not every shoe needs the same intensive care. In the following table you can see which material has which care needs.

materialcare Tips
Raw leather / suede

Shoe shine comparison 2018: 2018

  • remove dirt with a coarse brush
  • roughen the material after cleaning with a special brush
  • remove scratches with a special eraser
  • impregnate for protection against moisture
smooth leather

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shoes

  • Carefully remove dirt with a coarse brush
  • Apply with a soft brush or cloth shoe polish
  • Polish the cream
Patent leather

Shoe shine comparison 2018: comparison

  • wipe with a damp cloth / sponge
  • from time to time treat with special patent leather oil
  • dry cleaning can scratch the surface
  • Surface can break or crack if mistreated
synthetic (e.g., faux leather)

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shine

  • remove dirt with a coarse brush
  • wipe with a damp cloth / sponge
  • For stubborn stains, use foam cleaner
  • more durable due to silicone spray
Skins and combinations

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shine

  • Brush out fur (not against the grain)
  • clean with spray for material combinations

Shoe shine comparison 2018: comparison

  • remove dirt with a coarse brush
  • Wash off with water
  • Spray with spray for rubber care

Shoe shine comparison 2018: 2018

  • remove dirt with a coarse brush
  • For stubborn stains, use foam cleaner
  • Always dry damp shoes with shoe trees
  • after cleaning, spray with impregnating spray
tipWith the help of a shoe shine machine, the cleaning of these shoes can be done much faster. Pay attention to these care tips, you can wear your shoes for a long time.

Even with the shoe shine machines, some manufacturers have already established themselves. The brand Today specializes in the production of shoe shine machines and industrial sole cleaners. Sichler or vidaXL offer many household helpers in their assortment.

  • Beem
  • today
  • Klarstein
  • Nipach
  • Seitz Westi
  • Glossy Ibis
  • vidaXL

5. Questions and answers about the subject Shoeshine

5.1. Has Stiftung Warentest already examined shoe shine machines?

Shoe shine comparison 2018: shine

Especially your high heels and pumps should not be cleaned with a shoeshine, but by hand.

So far Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a shoeshine machine test yet. However, they announced in a release of the issue 10/2010 that 80% of Germans wear the wrong shoe size. If you do not know your shoe size exactly, you can have it measured in most shoe shops. Not only can the wrong size be painful for the feet, but also lead to malpositioning.

5.2. Which shoes Can be cleaned with the shoeshine?

With the shoe shine machine all shoes can be cleaned. Especially good areLeather shoes, as they should always be polished after cleaning. Note, however, that you better keep away from the machine with open shoes - Pumps and Co. should be cleaned by hand, otherwise they could break through the brushes. For sneakers we recommend a damp cloth or the washing machine.

5.3. How often should shoes be cleaned?

Care intensive shoes off Leather should be cleaned and polished regularlyso they have a long life. In general, if you wear your shoes very often and want to wear them as long as possible, they should be cleaned more often. However, if your shoes are in the shoe cupboard for a long time, they will not need intensive care.

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