Making shoes yourself: designing, designing, making

Making shoes yourself: designing, designing, making: designing

Almost all people have more than a few shoes in the closet. Most people even own their own pair of shoes for each outfit or at least have several shoe models. However, high quality shoes are not cheap and so may be a small fortune in the shoe cabinet.

We have the solution for you: make your own shoes or spice up old shoes with different accessories so that they are again modern and chic.

We have put together for you the best manufacturing and crafting instructions on the subject of shoes.

Content overview on the topic of making shoes yourself

  • Make shoes yourself
  • Make slippers and slippers
  • Video tutorial: Making slippers out of jeans
  • Design and design shoes

Those who not only want to make or design their own shoes but also want to make their own clothes and bags will find free instructions for knitting and crocheting on these pages:

  • Knitting instructions: Sweater, hat, scarf, socks, gloves, baby shoes
  • Crochet: clothing, decoration, accessories and practicality
  • Embroidery: instructions for cross stitch, machine embroidery and other embroidery techniques
  • Make bags yourself

Make shoes yourself

Baby shoes Daniela

Knitting instructions for baby shoes with snaps
at Strick-Ideen

Viking shoes

Make traditional Wikinderschuhe yourself - A guide with pictures
at earthandliving

Knitted baby shoes

Knitting baby shoes yourself with ribbon to tie
at Strick - Ideas

Knitting small baby shoes

Knitting instructions for baby shoes for babies in the first weeks
at Strick - Ideas

High baby shoes for tying

Detailed step-by-step instructions for knitting baby shoes that reach over your ankles
at Strick - Ideas

Baby shoes "Oscar"

With this tutorial, you will knit tricolor baby booties in sock wool
at Strick - Ideas

Knit felt shoes

With these detailed instructions, you can knit a pair of wamre felt shoes yourself

Flip flops

Illustrated manual for homemade flip flops made of denim fabric
Creative box

Medieval loafers made of cowhide / deerskin

Detailed instructions with which you make medieval shoes themselves
at Mittgard

Sandals from garbage

Making sandals from recycled paper, painters' tape and adhesive tape yourself - simple instructions for children
at bmu-kids

11 knitting instructions: baby shoes, sweater, jacket, dungaree, baby blanket, gloves and scarf [PDF]

Knitting instructions for baby shoes and cute baby clothes

Gymnastic shoes or thin ballerinas

Instructions for sewing thin ballerinas or gym shoes with leather soles.
at craftster


Everything worth knowing about the professional shoe production with last, measure, soil, sole and production
at the-world-of-shoes

Dog Shoes

Make leather dog shoes yourself - review and instructions
in dog-spaniel

Medieval Shoe

Make medieval leather shoes yourself. - A detailed step-by-step guide

Baby Shoes

How to crochet baby shoes made of wool yourself
Free crochet tutorials

Shoes for lacing

Instructions for lace-up for deep snow.
at inquiry


Make snowshoes yourself so that you do not sink into the snow

Braided snowshoes

Braiding snowshoes made of young elm wood. - A simple crafting guide

Laced boots

Make Medieval beak boots with laces - Detailed instructions with pictures and sketches
at Mittgard

Oriental shoes

Simple instructions for oriental leather shoes to match the garb
at Mittgard


Instructions with sketches for sewing moccasins
at nebraskahistory

Paw Protectors

Instructions for self-made paw guards and winter shoes for dogs

Cute baby shoes

Knitting instructions for baby shoes with bow
at Muttis Handarbeiten

Medieval shoe construction manual

How to make medieval shoes yourself after traditional construction: Detailed instructions with terms, techniques, take measurements and build shoe
at Tempora Nostra

Baby Shoes

Sew shoes for the baby made of felt itself. - A detailed guide
at wawerkoSprache: German

Make slippers and slippers

Fleece Slipper

Instructions with individual steps for self-made fleece slippers
at helpinghearts

Make slippers

Make warm slippers with teddy fur. - A detailed guide
at sew-ing

Monster slippers

Sewing slippers as a red monster - instructions with pictures
at craftster


Simple instructions for cozy and warm felt slippers
at craftster

Felt nice shoes

Felting Patterned Wool Slippers - An illustrated step-by-step guide with detailed explanation
at Elfesfilz

Fleece slippers

Guide to make slippers made of fleece itself.
at instructables

Sew slippers

Sewing pattern and sewing instructions for warm, lined slippers made of fabric and leather
at naeh-schneidern

children slippers

Make leather slippers and decorate with flower - instructions with pictures
at ohelene

Make slippers yourself

Make stylish house slippers from old slippers - Simple instructions
at pitara

Design and design shoes

Spice up your shoes

Spice up boring shoes to trendy models: instructions for ruffles, fringes, pompom and flower clip
at dawanda

summer shoe

Reshape sandals with pearls and small buttons
at wanaba

Shoes with hair accessories

Re-design high heels and other women's shoes with hair ornaments in just a few minutes - Quick guide for unique shoes
at fashion blog

Slippers cat

Design white leather house shoes with napkin technique. Simple instructions for copying
at creadoo

tie shoes

New and upbeat binding techniques for sneakers and sneakers with colorful laces
at the-world-of-shoes

Pimp my shoes

Ideas and instructions to spice up sandals with different accessories
at Frauenzimmer

Shaping sandals

Beautify boring Roman sandals with colorful ribbons and rhinestones - tips and ideas
at girl

Design sneakers

How to make out of simple white shoes Sneakers: Instructions for designing shoes with colored pencils
at wawerkoSprache: German

Embellish heels

How to make shoes with stars and other designs.
at wawerkoSprache: German

Reshape Chucks

Customize Chucks with glitter and colorful colors
at wawerkoSprache: German

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