Shoes in the dryer - is that possible?

If you have children, the problem is familiar: wet shoes. But even if even the rain surprised, it may happen that the shoes are completely soaked. Whether you can simply put shoes in the dryer, what consequences that can have, and where it usually works, you can read here.

Leather shoes need to dry slowly

Particularly sensitive are leather shoes, as regards the artificial drying. If leather dries too quickly, it can become brittle.

When leather has become brittle, the shoes are usually ready for the dustbin. Leather needs to dry very slowly. That takes time. The shoes must be stuffed as possible with newspaper. They must not be placed on the heater for drying.

Leather shoes should never be put in the dryer.

Shoes made of fabric and plastic

Shoes made of fabric can usually be washed easily. You can then easily be put in the dryer. Only in individual dryer models does the instruction prohibit the drying of shoes in general. This should be kept in any case.

Shoes made of plastic, such as sneakers, can sometimes also be in the washing machine. But not in all cases. It also depends on the shoe model and the plastic material used for both shoe and sole.

Possible damage in the dryer

With light-weight shoes, not much can usually happen. If heavier plastic shoes are thrown through the drum, this can lead to damage.

There are so-called dryer baskets that prevent this. A dryer basket is simply placed in the dryer. Shoes can then be placed in the dryer basket, and will not be whirled around.

Drying baskets are also a good idea for delicate textiles or stuffed animals, if you want them in the dryer as well.

Of course, anyone who uses a drying cabinet need not worry about damage. Here, the shoes can be easily put into it.

Possible damage to the shoes

In any case, you should make sure that shoes are not washed too hot and dried. This can damage the shoes.

It is also best to stuff the shoes with a tea towel before drying. Damage to the seams occurs mainly through washing in the machine.

Washing and drying shoes can cause wear more quickly. Washing and drying should therefore not take place too often with shoes.

Tips & Tricks

Even in washer-dryer combinations, you may be able to use dryer baskets. But first ask your manufacturer, if this is possible in your case.

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