Shopping behavior of DIY store customers

Shopping behavior of DIY store customers: Globus

"Industry Ticker: DIY stores"

New industry ticker takes a closer look at shopping behavior

Fresh fact material for DIY market decision makers: Globus Baumarkt and Bauhaus are top. Other well-known brands such as Praktiker are in the rear in terms of customer satisfaction. This is shown by a nationwide consumer survey by TÜV Saar NetResearch, which was published in parts already in August.

Now the complete study with all detailed results is available: It makes the current consumer behavior of DIY customers transparent and can therefore be optimally used for sales strategies, for service improvement or new customer acquisition.

The "Industry Ticker: DIY stores" can be obtained immediately via

How can a DIY store sustainably retain consumers?

Who scores with the sympathy factor? What role do variety of the assortment and special offers play in the acquisition of new customers? On 38 pages, the "Branchenticker: Baumärkte" delivers dedicated answers to such and many other questions about service, assortment, price level and store design of the largest DIY chains in Germany.

The study published by TÜV Saar NetResearch is available in excerpts on the Internet for free download. The full version can be ordered by e-mail at [email protected] for the price of 1,470 euros plus VAT. It contains extensive analyzes on the topics assortment, pricing, service, staff and store design in more than 40 individual questions.

Prices and assortment are commonly considered to be the most important factors in choosing a home improvement store. "The analysis of the data shows, however, that other aspects also have a high priority for consumers. For example, customers of the survey winner Globus Baumarkt attach great importance to first-class service, while for visitors to BayWa above all the expertise of the employees counts. In the readiness to recommend and the satisfaction drivers, there are also interesting findings, which puts the industry ticker in the focus.

Shopping behavior of DIY store customers: shopping

The Globus hardware store won the overall satisfaction. (Photo: Globus Baumarkt)

The study is intended to help decision-makers in the market to find precisely the right parameters for satisfied customers, "says Karsten Düh, responsible for TÜV Saar NetResearch. The representative customer satisfaction survey "TÜV Saar NetResearch" is based on an online panel with a total of around 100,000 people and more than 300,000 company evaluations per year.

For the "Branchenticker: DIY stores", the 13 largest suppliers nationwide in the period from March to August 2011 were rated with grades one to five. 5,539 qualified assessments of hardware stores flowed into the study. In terms of overall satisfaction, Globus DIY (1.93), Bauhaus (1.94) and Hornbach (1.97) are the best performers.

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