Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door

Different shower models for a modern bathroom

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: shower

Shower cabins and steam showers are taking up ever-increasing exhibition space in the DIY stores and the variations offered are also becoming more numerous. However, it is not easy for customers to immediately recognize the differences in their qualities.

Steam showers are healthy and a real wellness contribution in the home. We will show you how to install a steam shower or a small steam bath in your house with relatively little resources. The advantage: The cabin can be used as a shower at the same time.

Learn everything about the different Possibilities of a shower installation in the own bathroom.

Showering is increasingly gaining friends - even from an environmental point of view. Besides that is The purchase of a luxurious shower cubicle has become increasingly cheaper in recent years. What used to be affordable only for wellness oases and luxury hotels has now become affordable for everyone with prices around 1000 euros. But what must the customer pay attention to, which entry-level option is ideal or rather unsuitable for him and which aspects should be considered before the purchase? This article gives indications for the safe purchase of your shower cubicle.

Shower cubicles become today in a variety of different entry-level variants offered. Simple models are available from around 200 euros. Design-oriented functional shower cubicles, featuring spa elements such as massage jets, steam generators, integrated seats and other details, require far greater investment.

In the selection of the model suitable for the customer, the conditions in the bathroom are decisive: in the small bathroom, round or pentagonal showers and corner entrances are ideal. Sanitary elements installed in the vicinity of the shower do not usually interfere with access via the corner. Door and side wall combinations are perfect for the medium-sized bathroom. With limited space around the shower cubicle However, entry-level models such as sliding, folding or swing doors should be chosen. In the spacious bathroom, solutions with revolving doors, turn-diagonal entries or round showers with large door wings unfold their effect.

Shower cabin, steam shower or steam shower with whirlpool tub?

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: shower

Shower panel with massage jets

Before you buy your shower you should ask the following questions:

How much space do you have? in your bathroom for the shower available?

A normal shower stall has the dimensions 90x90 cm. For smaller bathrooms are also suitable shower cubicles in size 80x80. If you are interested in a more spacious and luxurious steam shower, you should expect dimensions of 100x100 cm. Even more expansive is the steam shower with integrated whirltub. Here you would have to calculate between 150x150 cm to 160x160 cm.

Which entry height should your shower have maximum?

Both the normal shower, as well as the shower with integrated steam nozzle are available with both "floor-level shower tray", and tub edge of about 60 cm. Of course, age is here a shower with the deepest possible. Shower cubicles with integrated whirlpool tub, however, all have an entrance height of about 60 cm.

How much luxury / wellness do you want for your new shower cubicle?

Meet here the cost on the personal needs. If you just want to take a quick shower in the morning and are not very interested in additional options such as a steam shower or whirlpool, then a normal shower is sufficient, which you can also order with different massage jets.

By contrast, the steam shower goes a step further. From integrated Radio, steam sauna for Aromadampfbäder to light therapy Everything is taken care of.

If that's not enough for you, you can do that Steam shower with integrated whirlpool tub the absolute relaxation effect. These showers are even designed for two people and offer plenty of space. Partly, these luxury showers even have their own telephone line, so you can make a phone call in the shower.

How much money Are you ready to spend your new shower?

The cost factor usually brings the decision. Therefore here once the rough costs at a glance:

  • a normal shower you get for 200 - 600 euros
  • a steam shower costs between 500 - 3500 euros
  • A steam shower combined with whirlpool bath is available for 2000-5000 Euro

expert tip

Quality criteria for shower cubicles: The shower has a single-pane safety glass in 3, 4, 6 or 8 mm thickness, plastic glass should have a thickness of 1.7 up to 4 mm. In addition, the should Profiles made of powder-coated aluminum The door has a magnetic locking strip and runs on ball bearing rollers. In addition, the plastic parts should be made of ABS.

Special designs like Doors with shortened side wall, possibly with cutout, are required for combinations of shower and bath. The same applies to the shower cubicle in the attic - bevel cuts on doors or side walls are required. The shower cubicles of the manufacturers who specialize in custom-made products meet these requirements.

Showering in the bathtub is not necessarily a bad compromise. Bathtubs with beveled or rounded front panels, which taper to the foot, provide sufficient floor space for showering. Bathtub attachments such as bathtub folding walls, one-piece swing doors or completely enclosed systems such as sliding bath doors or folding doors make showering fun in the tub perfect.

Shower cabins: glass shower cabin or plastic shower cubicle?

Glass shower cubicles: Pay attention to safety glass

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: door

Shower cubicles with toughened safety glass enjoy great popularity today. For one thing speaks for them high shock and impact resistance and its insensitivity to heat and cold. A variety of glass tints, structures and usually applied by screen printing decors are offered.

All single-pane safety glasses are thermally treated so that the disc can withstand the greatest pressure. Should it nevertheless come to break, the disc disintegrates into small, blunt-edged pieces, in which a risk of injury is extremely low. A big plus of the real glass shower cubicles is the relatively easy care.

For single-pane safety glass is offered by some manufacturers a special surface seal, The spray water runs off faster, limescale and water deposits - the few that still settle - can be removed with minimal care.

Density factors for shower seals (DF 1 to 3)

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: enclosure

DF 1 = 100% leakproof Door profiles with integrated magnetic strips

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: door

DF 2 = 95% tight Absolutely sufficient for normal everyday use

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: enclosure

DF 3 = 85% tight Glass pure, frameless, passive splash protection, water outlet possible

Plastic glass shower cabins

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: shower

Plastic glass shower cabins are still cheaper. you are robust and also available with a variety of decors. Ornamental structures and drop patterns are particularly popular, as water drops and splashes are not overly noticeable after showering. However, as limescale and water deposits are more likely to settle, un-plastered plastic shower cubicles often look milky and unsightly after frequent showering. In addition, the plastic lenses are extremely scratch-sensitive and must never be treated with harsh cleaners. Cleaning is thus difficult.

Shower enclosure and shower door

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: cubicle

Of the simple square shower cubicle From design showers to steam showers, today's customers can choose from a variety of styles and at very different prices. The minimum requirement for a splash guard while showering is of course the shower curtain. However, we would like to distance ourselves from this topic and instead focus on the "more luxurious" possibilities of shower enclosures. The main difference, however, is the chosen type of shower enclosure. The choice of the right partition depends firstly on the benefit (for example a shower enclosure for the bathtub) on the desired material (glass shower screen, Plexiglas shower screen).

Sliding doors and folding doors

Besides the spatial conditions in the bathroom are too other criteria in the purchase decision important:

Sliding doors and folding doors, which are guided by ball-bearing rollers, guarantee easy opening and closing. However, a problem may be the cleaning of the bottom runner. Lime and water are collected here and can only be removed with difficulty.

Of note when deciding on a sliding door is that the profile surfaces as smooth as possible with few grooves are. Internal magnetic strips also facilitate cleaning. When choosing sliding doors and folding doors, home improvement can today be expected to be as tight as possible. H. A water outlet when showering or opening the door is virtually impossible.

Flap doors and swing doors

Easy to clean Folding and swinging doors, Again, however, attention should be paid to smooth as possible profile surfaces. Another advantage of these shower cabins is the comfortable entry, which ensures an effortless entry into the shower. Some customers find the not absolutely tight folding and swinging doors to be inadequate and also complain about the outward-opening doors, the water outlet after showering, although most manufacturers offer here with effective sealing and drain strips optimal prevention.

Surface sealing of shower doors

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: right

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: cubicle

In some showers will Glass with special surface coating offered - water runs off faster and lime can barely settle.

In the picture left with coating and right without coating.

More about sealing glass and Plexiglas in the bathroom.

shower enclosure

To install a shower enclosure, you must screw them to the wall. But due to unfavorable tubes, this is not always possible.


Handling criteria for shower cubicles: a shower should have swing-out sliding parts for easier cleaning, with optionally lockable left or right door elements or outward or inward opening doors.

Frameless shower cabin

Shower cubicles without frame

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: cubicle

Design conscious buyers are catching up almost frameless shower cubicles, which are offered in 6 or 8 mm thick glass. Models that consist only of fittings and glass, impress with their sophisticated appearance. Disadvantage here is that even slight wall slopes make the installation of completely frameless cabins impossible. Alternatives are models with a fixed part, which is mounted with wall connection profile, combined with a door, which is held by fittings. Even when selecting these types, the statement "not 100% tight" applies.

The fitness and wellness requirement are shower cubicles, which are equipped with useful functional elements such as shower head, waterfall shower mixer, mixer tap, massage jets, steam generators, shower radios, shower lights and other smart details. Here the customer has the choice between complete units, which are available with acrylic back walls and sky and functional shower cubicles, which are installed with special tubs such as conventional shower cubicles in front of the existing tiles in the bathroom.

Frameless shower enclosures from the specialist trade

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: cubicle

In a beautiful, optically airy shower enclosure made of glass, for example, with the shower type 260 from Heiler, the day begins before breakfast with enjoyment. Everything is bright and sparkling, because with the flush-mounted hinges of the series HeiLine FB 45, the frameless glass shower is extremely easy to maintain: A few wipes with the puller are enough and the next family member has the morning view.

However, the new shower enclosure can only be manufactured when the bathroom renovation is almost complete. In order for the new shower enclosure to fit perfectly, the shower tray and walls must be precisely measured. The advantage: Since every sheet of glass in Heiler-Werk is made according to stock size, even crooked walls or corners deviating from the right angle are no problem for the manufacturer from Waghäusel.

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: cubicle

The installation itself is a science in itself and absolutely belongs in the hands of a trained plumber. The up to 35 kg heavy, 8mm thick glass panes made of toughened safety glass must be put by the experienced specialist in a systematic order and with great feeling, care and precision. He knows how to assemble, adjust and millimeter-accurate the shapely fittings. In only two to three hours he is ready with the complete installation. When the silicone joints on the wall and shower tray have hardened after 24 hours, the showering pleasure in the new bath can begin.

Depending on your taste There are the modern shower enclosures in simple, clear crystal glass, in structural glass and in different colored or burned glass printed glass. The large standard range of Heiler include simple partitions for niche showers, two- to pentagonal or rounded shower enclosures and a wide variety of bathtubs.

Who is interested Contact Alois Heiler GmbH, Kirrlacher Str. 21, 68753 Waghäusel, Fax +49 (0) 7254 / 9322-60, E-Mail [email protected] or find more information on the internet at Of course there is also a personal consultation with the plumber on site.

steam shower

The steam bath for the home

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: shower

Showers with steam: Who likes to go to the Turkish bath and the humid climate tolerates it much better than the dry Finnish sauna could perhaps think about installing a steam shower in his home.

Unlike a sauna, steam showers are more energy-efficient and less stressful on the circulation, and the installation is also available in existing shower cubicles relatively uncomplicated and feasible with some modifications.

We show you, How to install a brand new steam shower in your home or an existing shower, for example, in the attic or in the basement, can be retrofitted quite inexpensively.

Build steam bath / steam shower yourself - blueprint

Shower cubicle and shower enclosure: the right shower door: enclosure

Build Damfbad yourself - construction sketch

The self-construction of a steam shower or a small steam bath is not difficult at all and differs only slightly from the construction of a walk-in shower.

However, to keep the steam in the shower and not get out of the top, you have to the shower stall is self-contained his. A vent pipe is still necessary, even to let oxygen into the cabin. In addition, a lighting or large glass surfaces should be installed - darkness and steam can lead to restrained panic.

A full-surface tiling with deep foundation and masonry seal protects the walls from diffusing moisture. To use the steam shower as a normal shower, is the installation of a closable ventilation grille to the surrounding space makes sense. In steam mode this can be opened, closed in shower mode.

Steam generator: For thick air in the steam shower

The choice of the steam generator should be appropriate to the dimensions of your steam shower. Too large a generator consumes too much power, too small a generator may run hot and / or not generate enough steam. Get advice from a specialist dealer when buying a steam generator.

In any case, the steam generator requires the following connection components:

  • Power connection (preferably separately protected)
  • Fresh water connection
  • Waste water connection
  • Steam pipe connection with passage in the steam shower

Build steam bath yourself

Build a steam bath yourself with enough space in the home of course, no problem: The components just have to be chosen slightly larger.

Depending on how you want to design your steam bath or your steam shower you can of course also install accessories: A (waterproof) speaker combined with ambient music will surely create pure relaxation, a bench or a couch for the necessary comfort.

It goes without saying that we can look at models such as the Turkish hammam, the Russian banja or the Japanese Sento steam bath - for interior and exterior design no creative limits except the steam and heat compatibility of the materials.

Glossary of shower cubicle terms

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)

It is a thermoplastic. This "sanitary acrylic" is a high-quality material with a smooth pore-free surface, dirt and bacteria repellent. Sanitary acrylic is used in the sanitary area for shower trays mainly as through-colored plate material.Shower trays made of ABS are predominantly manufactured using the "deep-drawing process".

steam generator

Electrical appliance unit, the the necessary water vapor generated for the operation of a steam bath. The steam generated by the steam generator is fed via a feed by means of a nozzle in the cabin. The unpressurized steam generator is connected depending on the type of fresh water line or operated by means of a water reservoir.

shower lighting

The lighting system serves to illuminate the interior a cabin or steam bath / sauna. The lighting must meet the specific conditions of use (watertightness, temperature resistance, etc.). The respective national electrical safety regulations for use in bathrooms must be taken into account.

Magnetic lock bar

A magnetic closure strip is a plastic profile with an enclosed magnetic core. The magnetic closure strips are used to close and seal the doors of a shower cubicle and must always be used in pairs (north and south poles).

massage jets

Special shower heads (eg head, hand and side showers), due to their special spray pattern a slightly "massaging" effect have and support the circulation of the skin.

mixer tap

The mixer tap merges the cold and hot water supplied in separate pipes in the wall and forwards the mixed water to the corresponding consumers (showers, bath spout, etc.). The main functions of the mixer tap are the Volume control and temperature control the exiting mixed water.

Powder-coated aluminum

The surface of the aluminum is protected by a plastic layer. The plastic is applied as a powder on the surface and then melted in an oven at about 170 to 200° C.


Special showers (mostly overhead showers), which let the water gush out. Frequent use in the sauna area for cold water.

special pans

Shower trays, the special functions in conjunction with a shower cubicle take over and / or which were manufactured according to special procedures or from special materials.


With wellness, the Trend to body awareness, fitness, well-being circumscribed.

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