Descale the shower - that's the way it works best

Lime stains are annoying - and persistent. The best way to decalcify your shower and how to make sure descaling is not a tedious task is covered in detail in this post.

Lime problems in the shower

Anyone who has hard water in their residential area, knows the annoying problem: Calcified devices, malfunctioning instantaneous water heater and limescale everywhere.

Especially where water is heated, lime settles especially. This is also under the shower and in the shower cubicle.

Regular removal

Calcification should always be removed as soon as possible. The more often the cleaning takes place, the easier it can be done. Massive lime deposits are then usually only be removed by force and brutal means. Regular cleaning with limescale cleaners also helps to prevent damage.

Means for regular cleaning

Tips and home remedies for limescale removal in the shower are numerous. However, the following methods work best:

  • vinegar
  • Spülmaschinenklarspüler
  • washing powder
  • Antical and special limescale cleaner


Vinegar essence is a strong acid and a proven home remedy. Disturbing here is only the smell, but after some time flies by itself. If you do not like the smell, you can also use vinegar cleaner instead. Always let vinegar soak in!


A very good descaling agent, which is also gentle and odorless, is rinse aid from the dishwasher. With a little exposure time, it removes calcium deposits very effectively.

washing powder

Washing powder contains a high amount of so-called zeolites. Conventional liquid detergent can thus absorb a large amount of lime. However, one should resort to stubborn deposits rather to other means to remove lime in the shower.

Antical and special limescale cleaner

Used regularly, these agents are very effective in preventing the buildup of surfaces, fittings and all other parts in the shower. But individual remedies can be more effective than others.

Tips & Tricks

Not all means that promise protection against recalcification, keep that too. What actually works well, you can find out only in the tedious self-experiment. Do not forget to regularly descale shower heads and fittings.

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