Shower sliding door

The most well-known sliding door technology in showers are tripartite models, which ensure a sufficient entry and exit width for standard widths of up to one meter. From 1.30 m wide, two-part door systems are also possible. If corner entry is possible, two-part variants can be mounted even with smaller side lengths. Three-part sliding doors in the shower usually use aluminum profiles and frames that are particularly suitable for being rust-proof, stable and light in weight.

Storage and operability determine the quality

The decisive criterion with a sliding door for the shower is the mobility of the door elements. In simple constructions without a ball bearing, the lower edges of the door elements run with the help of door rollers in a smooth profile joint or groove. Most conventional sliding doors have roller bearings with ball bearings on the undersides, which allow easy movement of the elements. For higher-end models, ball bearings are also mounted on the upper end of the doors, resulting in a smooth running ability. Depending on the quality of the ball bearings, runnability can go as far as silent gliding, which is why most manufacturers often refer to their premium segment products as sliding doors.

Note hidden quality features

If you want to buy a sliding door, in addition to the optics - transparent or transparent door panes - you should also ask some questions about not immediately obvious production and design features.

  • Are the door elements removable without complete disassembly? Some techniques allow lifting to the top, in other models, the lower guide rail can be opened or after pushing the three elements together, the top profile can be unhooked or unscrewed.
  • Are the ball bearings and / or door rollers interchangeable and will they be re-orderable in the long run? Calcification or soiling can block or make the moving parts sticky.

Shower sliding door: shower

From plastic acrylic models to real glass sliding doors

The cheapest sliding doors start at around one hundred euros and consist of plastic profiles and acrylic glass panes. For a reliable quality product, however, you should expect at least two hundred euros. From around three hundred euros, the selection of sliding doors with aluminum profile and real glass panes begins. The range of sliding doors for your shower starts at around five hundred euros.

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