Showering in the sea: mosaic tiles in the shower

The special look radiating from a mosaic-tiled shower matches the atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness. In particular, color combinations in blue tones are popular, but also earthy natural colors, gradients in green and yellow tones convey a pleasant shower feeling.

Insensitive optics

One of the favorites for wall-mounted shower is mosaic tile. They create warm and varied looks and allow a variety of color combinations that match the personal taste. In addition, can be varied by the individual selection of the size of the individual elements in the optical and color effect.

Unlike large and identical tile coverings in the shower, mosaic tiles are not susceptible to visible limescale. The grid-like joints and the different shades "hide" limestone edges and traces of water, so that the cleaning for visual reasons is eliminated and the cleaning must follow only the hygienic needs.

In the shower mosaic tiles in square shape are chosen in most cases. The individual tile fields range from three to ten centimeters in length and consist of three to eight different shades.

  • Blue shades from turquoise to dark blue, which create a maritime atmosphere
  • Mixed blues and greens that complement the maritime character with plant green
  • Greens or blues with light or dark nicks like black or yellow
  • Earthy shades from light beige to dark brown with or without mottling.
  • Glossy colored tiles in metallic appearances such as gold, silver, chrome, anthracite or bronze

Shapes and sizes

The shape and size of the mosaic tiles have a decisive effect on the final overall appearance.

  • Square and rectangular shapes with small single tiles create overall pictures.
  • Rectangular shapes with large single tiles are more aimed at geometric figures such as checkerboard patterns.
  • Round mosaic tiles can form ornamental looks without straight lines.

Tips & Tricks

Often it can be very attractive to dress only one or two walls or the floor of the shower with mosaic tiles. This strengthens the artistic effect of the mosaic, especially in the case of expressive color combinations.

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