Wooden shutter - prices and tips

For garden houses made of wood, they are usually available directly in matching size as accessories, shutters made of wood. For your own windows in the residential building, you first have to determine the correct dimensions. But many common sizes are available in different designs in almost every hardware store. Also on the Internet are shutters made of wood. Here are the prices for common shutters.

Slat or closed shop

A shutter with louvers does not seal the window as well from the weather as a closed shop made of wood. But that can also have its advantages. The rear ventilation of windows and shutters is better ensured and moisture can be removed much better. To shut out the sun only, these shutters are quite adequate. They even have to be repainted less often than the dense models.

Example prices for shutters

The prices we have listed here are in pairs, but without shipping costs.

  • Window size 28 x 45 cm - closed optics - natural - 50 EUR
  • Window size 69 x 79 cm - closed look - natural - 70 EUR
  • Shutter with center hinge 123.5 x 90 cm - open louvers - natural - 160 EUR
  • Shutter with center hinge 123.5 x 90 cm - closed optics - natural - 180 EUR
  • Shutter with center hinge 123.5 x 90 cm - open louvers - white - 240 EUR

Lacquered or natural

In ads and advertising for shutters, you often find the term natural. Of course that means nothing else than that you have to do the painting yourself. If you do not want that, you usually have to dig much deeper into your pocket and may not get any size in the desired finish.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to buy on the internet, pay close attention to the shipping costs. Between free and 100 Euro per pair there is really everything in the shipping costs. If you need many pairs of shutters, you should also ask for a discount. The competition is so big that some traders are sure to be talked about.

Video Board: Repairing A Wood Shutter