Paint the shutters

Roller shutters wear like other elements on the house also over time. Many homeowners then ask themselves if they could simply paint the relevant blinds. Basically, you can paint or paint a roller shutter. However, you must consider several points before painting the shutter.

The material of the tank is crucial

Before you can start to swipe the roller shutter, you first need to check what the material that makes up the tank is:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • metal

Paint or paint wood slats on the shutters

The wooden slats of a shutter should be painted every few years anyway. However, as you apply more and more paint or paint over the years, thoroughly sanding or painting the old paint is crucial. You can then decide which products you would like to apply: glaze or lacquer. Especially for paints it is advisable to first paint or varnish it in two coats.

Long-term protection and waiting time before rolling up

After the applied paint has cured sufficiently, a layer of protective clearcoat is applied. This is important, because when rolling up and unrolling the roller shutter has to withstand a considerable mechanical load.

It is also important that you can really dry the tank after it has been painted - the paint needs to cure completely. Otherwise, the rolled-up lamellae could stick together or the next time the ink drops, all the paint will burst.

Paint metal roller shutter

For the rather rare metal lamellae, you must proceed in a similar way. First, the slats must be sanded clean. The oxidation layer (aluminum lamellae) must also be removed. Now a corrosion protection can be applied as a primer. Then again follow up to two layers of paint, and then spread a transparent protective coating. Again, the paint must get enough time to cure again.

Plastic roller shutter for painting rather unsuitable

It gets a little harder with plastic. Actually, the slats of a plastic roller shutter are usually never painted or painted. But since the plastic sunblinds are strongly affected by the UV radiation from the sun, it is a comprehensible idea. Nevertheless, it can be problematic in plastic roller shutters. Maybe it is better to replace the roller shutter.

Tips & Tricks

Otherwise, you can delete the remaining elements of the shutter as you wish. For example, to paint or paint the roller shutter box when renovating.

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