Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: ornamental

Source: Bundesverband Rolladen und Sonnenschutz e.V.

Shutters are by no means old-fashioned: Made of wood or modern materials such as aluminum or plastic, they can fulfill many functions. As a sunscreen, for thermal insulation or even for decoration, they give each house an individual face. Whether it's a folding shutter shop, a blower shop or a three-wheeler shop: Shutters have many regionally different names and installation options.

Be on this page the different types and functions of shutters presented. In addition, the usual installation options are explained and the restoration of historic shutters explained.

Shutters of wood

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: wood

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Shutters made of wood are undoubtedly the most traditional form and construction, You will find them in many different versions of many historic houses. In general, wooden shutters are not a simple solid board, but equipped with slats, which serve the ventilation and a little light into the interior. To protect against wind and weather, the shops are protected with a wood preservative, a wood protection varnish or a varnish layer - the weather protection must be renewed regularly.

While wooden shutters are rarely used on modern homes in Germany, they are especially in the Mediterranean region used for sun protection and heat protection. They create a mild indoor climate and a pleasant dim light in the room - a pleasure on hot days.

Decorative shutters made of plastic - maintenance free

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: wood

Source: Company Raugroup Weilburg

Plastic shutters are almost never to find historic houses, Even in modern buildings, the more expensive aluminum version is preferred. Nevertheless, plastic stores, especially in holiday homes or garden sheds, can be an inexpensive option, especially if they are decorative shutters.

These are not hinged and firmly screwed to the wall, but look decorative yet and give "country house flair". In addition, the ornamental shutters made of plastic are absolutely maintenance-free and must be sprayed with the garden hose at most times. So, if you're looking for shutters for pure adornment, plastic shutters are an affordable alternative!

Shutters of aluminum

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: ornamental

Source: Bundesverband Rolladen & Sonnenschutz e.V.

Shutters are made of aluminum the modern and lightweight version to their wooden counterparts. Aluminum shutters are preferably installed or retrofitted to new buildings. They do not need to be painted, are easier to handle and can not be distorted by moisture. Also, the attachment of a large aluminum shutter does not have to be as strong as that of a wooden shutter: Thus, the protective shops can be installed in less load-bearing external masonry.

sliding shutters

Shutters can not only work: Sliding shutters or a single sliding shutter are a possible alternative, especially for small windows. On a rail in the window pane The shops are made of wood and aluminum and pushed back and forth. In case of storm, this store form, unlike unsecured shutters cause no damage. With this method, a "continuous" sun and light protection is also possible; Depending on the desired light, the shops can only partially or completely closed.

Sliding shutters do not just work manually: High-tech sliding shutters with electronic control can be opened and closed motorized according to the position of the sun. For the sunny side of the house can even be fitted with solar panels fitted sliding shutters - not only a visual, but also an energy-saving highlight.

folding shutters

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: ornamental


For large windows, but especially terrace and balcony doors, foldable shutters come into question. Folding shutters are very similar to normal shutters, but have one or even more hinges in the middle of the store that allow the store to fold. How to store the shutters to save space To the left and right of the window opening and does not have to hit the masonry and secure. Folding shutters are used especially in southern Europe for heat protection and bring Mediterranean flair on the balcony or in the garden.

Vice shops

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: ornamental

Author: Frank C. Müller

Stands look like normal shutters, but can be partially opened for ventilation. In Central Europe, this type of shutters is rather rare. In Italy or southern France, shutters are often used to be able to look at the road while protecting the heat while ventilating the space.

Restore shutters

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: plastic

Weathered wooden shutters can be well restored, as long as they are not rotten. For this, first the old paint or glaze with sandpaper should be thoroughly removed, depending on the nature of the painting, this can be quite tedious. An eccentric sander or in particular delta sander achieve good results, but fine structures such as lamellae must always be reworked by hand.

To restore an old shutter:

The preparatory work:

  • First rough rough with 40 grit sandpaper, taking care that the material removal is not too large
  • Then regrind with sandpaper grit size 100 or 120, eventually fine sanding with sandpaper grit 180 or 200
  • Thoroughly remove the sanding dust, then tap the fittings.

The painting:

  • Especially with old woods, a coat of antifungal wood protection primer is recommended. This should be applied thinly and evenly with a soft brush, especially in the corners.
  • The main coat with varnish or glaze must be carried out at least twice to obtain good, lasting results. For the large areas, a paint roller is recommended, for the details of a soft, not too broad brush.
  • After the shutters have dried overnight in a dust-free room, they can be hung again the next morning.

Shutters: fittings and installation

Shutters are using so-called Kloben attached to the masonry, similar to a door they are movably mounted on their fittings. During assembly, one differentiates between three regional variants:

  • in Bavaria is mainly mounted on the frame of the window, the so-called Bavarian stop
  • north of the main line the shutters are mounted directly in the masonry to the right and left of the window
  • in Baden-Wurttemberg and Switzerland is mainly in the soffit assembled; i.e. in the right and left outer sides of the window opening.

Nowadays new shutters mainly in the soffit mounted, this closes the shutter almost flush with the masonry. Due to the almost perfect cover of the window opening a maximum of light protection and security is achieved: The shutters can not, as with the Bavarian stopto be posted by burglars.

Operate shutters electrically and mechanically

Mechanical shutters can already be found in historic buildings, electrical devices are used for several decades through: To open and close the shutters so not necessarily the window must be opened.

While in old houses already crank or lever operating devices for the shutters were common, nowadays permanently installed, electrical Löffner are state of the art; often even with remote control. Especially with sliding shutters, a motor drive offers, This is easy to install and even retrofitted. Even mechanical operations are still on the market.

Shutters and security

Shutters and ornamental shutters of plastic and wood: wood

Source:, Bruno31

Shutters are one simple and effective way to make your home burglar resistant. Burglars usually bite their teeth on a solid wooden or aluminum window frame mounted in the soffit. A simple padlock on the inside additionally increases security, of course there are also more professional locking systems. If you own a weekend house or a garden house, you will appreciate the added security of sturdy shutters.

So rustic as in the picture But the fuse does not have to fail.

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