Repair shutters

In itself shutters are very robust and resistant. Nevertheless, there is quite a bit of wear and tear over the years. However, to effectively repair blinds, it is necessary to know the symptoms and causes a little better. Below we have summarized for you the most common defects that need to be fixed to blinds.

Repair various blinds

Blinds are relatively simple, but there are systemically important differences. So it is first of all advantage to know the different shutter systems.

  • Intentional or pre-construction roller shutters
  • Attachment or body roller shutters

The biggest difference can be found in the roller shutter box. In the case of attachment roller shutters, the roller shutter box is attached to the outside of the façade or outside of the window frame. On the other hand, the roller shutter box is in the lintel. The inspection cover for opening the box is always located on the room side.

Consider driving techniques

In addition, you must also differentiate different opening and closing mechanisms.

  • manual (belt drive)
  • semi-electric (belt drive with electric belt winder)
  • electrically or electronically (tubular motor on the roller shutter shaft)

You can also detect defects according to mechanical and electrical aspects. However, before you suspect electrical defects, you should exclude all mechanical causes.

Roller shutter can not be pulled up or close

You can determine the possible causes relatively quickly.

  • Roller shutters jammed in guide rails because slats are broken or slipped
  • Belt is no longer rolled up on the rewinder - belt winder defective or spring broken in it
  • the slats are not jammed: belt may have been tangled to the shaft in the roller shutter box or slipped off the guide
  • Belt is broken

The hardest thing is to open the roller shutter box. Especially with top roller blinds, it can be difficult because the access door is inside. Often, however, it was painted over or wallpapered. Even filled roller blind covers are available. Here's how to open the access panel: Open the roller shutter box.

Other possible defects

You can repair all the aforementioned damage yourself. In the mechanical area, broken fins or worn connections between the fins are added. However, they usually have no major impact on how it works, so you can wait to repair these shutters.

Repairs to electric blinds

If you still could not find the damage and you have a tube motor on the shaft in the roller shutter box, defects can also be present here.

  • Roller shutter does not close completely: End position of the motor too short
  • Roller shutter motor still turning, although long at the stop: End position set too long (Attention! Damage to the mechanical stop switch can occur here!)
  • The same symptoms can also occur when opening, as you can also set the engine in this direction

Setting electric shutters

If you want to repair shutters and there is an adjustment problem, we also offer you useful information on this topic in the house journal under "Setting roller shutter drive". There you will also find information on how to set an electric belt winder.

Repair electronic blinds

Repairing damage to electronically controlled electric shutters is a bit more complicated. If you can rule out mechanical errors, you have almost no chance of checking the electronics. In contrast to electro-mechanical blinds, the end positions can not be determined because they are detected by the system by pressure.

Tips & Tricks

Since you can not repair electronic defects in the electronically controlled blinds, you should definitely hire a specialist in troubleshooting. The house journal also offers you numerous contributions to other topics that are important for home improvement. Including topics such as canopy itself build.

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