Build a side table yourself - you have these options

If you would like to have a side table next to your couch, or if you need a small, additional table, you can easily build it yourself. In our post you will find some interesting and unusual ideas for a cost-effective DIY.

Opportunities for DIY

  • Side table made of tree stump
  • Side table made of wine or fruit boxes
  • Side table from old books
  • Side table made of pallet parts

Side table made of tree stump

An old tree stump can become a very rustic storage table that goes well with massive interior design styles. Suitable starting material can be found in the timber trade at sawmills, but also in a nearby forestry company.

Mostly you can choose the pieces and bark on the spot and saw off. This saves a lot of tedious work. To avoid cracks, fresh wood should be allowed to dry. How long should be dried, depends on the type of wood.

Then smooth the surface, polish and set up the stump.

Side table made of wine or fruit boxes

Old wine boxes provide a great starting point for tables of all kinds. As a side table, it can either be used directly turned over or screwed to the wall as a shelf at the appropriate height. The open side serves additionally as storage space.

Two boxes on the sides screwed together and provided with a table top create a slightly higher Abstelltisch. Depending on your wishes and required height, you can combine boxes in different ways.

Fruit crates (especially apple crates) are significantly larger than wine crates and offer other possible dimensions for table making alone or in combination with wine crates.

Side table from old books

Even old books can serve as a table leg when they are glued and stacked. In order to achieve a more impressive look you can then bring the books with spray paint or effect varnish in a uniform color or achieve marble effect. A table top can simply be placed on top and glued.

Side table made of pallet parts

Building with pallets has become very popular in recent years. Just as you can build a large table made of pallets, this is of course also possible with smaller storage tables. It is best to use appropriately cut parts of pallets.

Tips & Tricks

Using old materials to build new products is a very ecological and sustainable way to manage resources. In addition, the self-made fun and ensures completely individual pieces.

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