Painting silicate paint on the outside: What should be considered?

The silicate coating is considered a particularly durable and robust coating, it is based on the binder potash water, which has a high pH. Due to its alkalinity, this color should be handled with care, both indoors and out. But once the paint has dried, there is no danger from it - except for mold.

Coat exterior walls with silicate paint

Do you intend to paint your façade or exterior wall with silicate paint? Then the following tips could help you!

  • Coat silicate paint only on mineral, untreated surfaces.
  • Porous walls should first be repaired, stabilized and leveled. The putties used for this purpose must be mineral.
  • For underground consolidation, it is best to use potash water.
  • Dilute your silicate paint, if necessary, with water glass only.
  • Wear protective gloves and protective goggles as the paint splashes are corrosive.
  • Cover ceramic and glass surfaces carefully before starting work as silicate paint will attack these materials. Of course, this also includes terrace tiles and windows.
  • Do not paint your exterior walls in strong sunlight or strong wind with silicate paints: If the paint dries too quickly, the paint can no longer completely silicify.

The high pH also has its good side, because it lowers the mold danger of the wall or wall. However, it is nevertheless essential to ensure that no moisture accumulates in the building fabric.

Colorful walls for the outside: How can silicate paints be tinted?

There is also nothing to stand in the way of creative coloring if you want to paint your walls or walls with silicate paint on the outside. Unfortunately, the tinting colors available in every hardware store are not suitable for dyeing this coating agent.

Silicate paints can only be tinted with alkali-resistant pigments, other color particles would easily decompose in a basic environment. Ask the best in the specialist market for appropriate tinting concentrates!

Bear in mind, however, that the coloration of the paint also has its limits: In order for the binder to be able to bind reliably, usually up to 25% tinting colors may be added; inquire about the specific regulation in your particular case.

Tips & Tricks

Especially outdoors, silicate paints have an intensive protective effect, they protect facades from the effects of acid rain and from weathering. Nevertheless, the moisture regulation of the wall is maintained: on mineral surfaces, painting with this color is always a good idea!

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