Painting silicate paint on wallpaper: Does it work?

Silicate paints are one of the less frequently used paints, but they have several advantages: they breathe the walls, do not hinder the diffusion and thus promote a healthy indoor climate. In addition, they kill molds. So why not paint the wallpaper with silicate paint?

That's why you should not paint silicate paint on wallpaper!

There is a good reason not to cover the wallpaper with silicate paint: The paint keeps only on mineral substrates, since the binder potash requires an appropriate reaction partner.

Wallpapers mostly consist of paper with plastic parts, rarely are they made of textiles. Mineral substances are not in it, so the silicate paint will not find a permanent hold on the surface.

It would be more promising to remove the wallpaper completely and paint directly on the lime plaster, cement plaster or lime cement plaster. Even concrete surfaces are combined with silicate paint, but only without formwork oil residues.

Silicate paint also does not hold on these substrates

Wood, glass and metal also offer poor surfaces for silicate paint, and gypsum can hardly be painted successfully with it. Surfaces that are sensitive to alkalinity even suffer damage from caustic burns.

If you decide to paint the silicate paint on the rough plaster instead of on the wallpaper, first make sure that it has not been soaked with gravitational primer. This could stand in the way of a successful painting.

With these colors you can paint your wallpaper!

Emulsion paints are usually the method of choice when it comes to painting wallpapers. They last for tens of different substrates, but are not as permeable as silicate paints.

Also latex paint, a subspecies of emulsion paint, is one of the paints that can be used without problems on wallpapers. With such a coating you get a smooth, washable surface, which ensures more hygiene.

A small paint sample in a hidden place shows you how your paint looks on the wallpaper. Wait until the paint has completely dried, as it still causes slight color changes!

Tips & Tricks

Textured wallpaper gives you the opportunity to highlight the plastic décor with glazes. First coat the substrate in a nice tone, then put a thin glaze of your choice over it.

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