Renew silicone joints by the professional: These costs are incurred

Silicone joints are subject to aging processes, eventually becoming brittle, becoming detached or moldy. The replacement of silicone joints by a specialist is not so expensive and not only contributes to the beautification of the bathroom: The mildew protection also improves. We give you guideline values ​​for the costs.

Why replace silicone joints?

Silicone is often found in connection joints in damp areas such as shower, bath and sink. It seals these joints thoroughly against the ingress of water. If silicone joints become porous, water can accumulate in hidden areas.

Hidden accumulations of water in turn lead to mold growth and material damage. Aged silicone joints thus do not represent a purely aesthetic problem, although they also look ugly.

What are the costs for renewing the silicone joints?

If you order a professional who renews your silicone joints, in addition to the material costs, you can expect the following prices (without VAT):

  • 1 to 5 mm wide joints: about 10 EUR per meter
  • 5 to 10 mm wide joints: about 12 EUR per meter
  • 10 to 15 mm wide joints: 15 EUR per meter

A cartridge sanitary silicone costs approximately between 3 and 7 EUR. How many cartridges the professional needs for his work depends on how wide and deep your joints are. Expect at 5 mm joint width that the cartridge reaches for 15 to 20 m.

Cost example for silicone joint renovation

A householder has his silicone joints removed in the bathroom and grouting, for which he hired a plumbing company. This charges him the following points:

Cost overviewprice
1. Directions40 EUR
2. Remove 20 m of silicone joints100 EUR
3. Restore 20 m120 EUR
4. 2 cartridges silicone10 EUR
total270 EUR

Remove silicone joints yourself and save money

Save money by removing your silicone joints yourself with a special joint scraper. Use baby oil or ice spray to dissolve residues in the joints.

Tips & Tricks

Even if tenants have to pay for small repairs themselves according to the contract, the landlord usually has to take care of the renewal of the silicone joints. At least one corresponding court verdict is already available.

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