Clean silver cutlery with a home remedy

To gently clean silverware, expensive and often toxic special products are not necessarily required. A whole range of home remedies are available and the application methods are usually more important than the active ingredients. However, there are a number of recommended tips and tricks that should be avoided.

Improve without preventing

Who uses silver cutlery, always has to do with the state of conservation. The automatic chemical reaction of the soft noble metal with the air can be reduced, but never completely prevented. Taken silverware can be delayed with regular care and following some rules for storage.

For the more tarnished and darkened silver cutlery offer different intensive home remedies and cleaning methods. The basic professional workup can be done with ultrasound or current flow.

The classic home remedies


The toothpaste without whitening agent is applied to an old toothbrush and applied evenly to the cutlery. After a contact time of a few minutes, the cutlery is rinsed under clean water.

Advantage: Even grooves, grooves and structures, for example in handles, are recorded.
Disadvantage: Toothpaste contains granular substances that can lead to scratches.

aluminum foil

In a bath, aluminum foil and salt are mixed and the silver cutlery is inserted. The chemical reaction dissolves the silver sulfide on the silver responsible for the discoloration.

Advantage: By the duration of the bath, the intensity of effect can be controlled.
Disadvantage: If the exposure time is too long, the substance of the silver is attacked.

Baking soda or soda

In many tips, a baking powder or soda bath is recommended. This method with a contact time of one day can be tried on the principle "trial and error".

Advantage: The bathroom is gentle and especially suitable for lightly tarnished cutlery.
Disadvantage: In some cases the bath is ineffective. Under no circumstances should the silver cutlery be rubbed, as baking powder contains granular ingredients.

Various bathing methods

As an alternative bathing agent beer, curd soap and sour milk come into consideration. Polishing can be done with ash, raw potato or ammonia.

Tips & Tricks

Never clean silverware in the dishwasher. The precious metal does not tolerate aggressive cleaning agents, movements and high temperatures.

Video Board: Clean silver, removing tarnish instantly without polishing or harsh chemicals