Work up silver cutlery professionally

Especially very old silver cutlery, for example, from hereditary material is often in a no longer usable condition. If traditional home remedies do not help, professional silversmiths can work up the silverware. The possibilities range from high gloss polish to silver plating.

Soft and delicate precious metal

The precious metal silver has two crucial properties that lead to optical and practical limitations. It reacts with air, oxidizes and discolors and is scratch-prone due to its soft texture. The fact that silver cutlery is often both financially and immaterially valuable, is a professional work-up often a good choice.

Among the various home remedies for cleaning silverware, the variant with baking powder is the most effective. But even she can only make basic cutlery usable again. For deep scratches and scratches, bent or damaged parts and completely tarnished surfaces, a silversmith must do a professional job.

Possibilities of processing

Silver can be sanded with the right tools. Specialized silversmiths can sharpen blades, smoothen surfaces and, if necessary, also remove material. Some antique silver cutlery, especially the knives, are oversized. By Materailabtrag the entire cutlery parts can be reduced in size and weight.

If the surfaces have strong and deep scratches or are "oxidized", re-silver plating may be the best solution. Most of the costs are far below the cost of new cutlery, apart from the ideal value. Both silvered and solid silver cutlery can be re-silvered.

Mechanical intervention options

Mechanically, booklets and blades can be loosened from composite cutlery pieces and put back together. So also blade changes are possible. The subsequent grinding in a serrated edge can give a knife an improved or altered usability.

Professional polishing of the cutlery leads to surface seals, which make the silver less sensitive. In addition, special polishes get a high polish longer. Soldering can loosely connect cutlery components together again.

Tips & Tricks

Professional silversmiths also often offer self-developed care products. Inquire about polishes such as so-called silver soap. With these agents, you can often extend the necessary polishing intervals for your silver cutlery significantly.

Video Board: Clean silver, removing tarnish instantly without polishing or harsh chemicals