Keep silver cutlery properly and care for it

To keep silverware permanently shiny, bright and clean, some storage and care measures are helpful. Maintaining includes the use and the avoidance of some food influences, the proper storage and a careful and careful cleaning and polishing with the right tools.

use care

In general, the cleaning of silverware should be done as soon as possible after use. Silver tolerates organic dirt attachments significantly worse than, for example
Stainless steel or Cromargan. A quick rough rinse under lukewarm clear water is gentle.

In the dishwasher silverware should never be cleaned. Silver is a soft and chemically sensitive precious metal and responds to scratching clashing and many dishwashing detergents sensitive. Even when washing your hands should be taken to ensure that the individual cutlery parts do not touch.

Avoid aggressive foods

Some ingredients of food chemically attack silver. Therefore, the ideal care and maintenance is to avoid these substances. Silver cutlery should not be eaten with:

  • Eggs (-speisen)
  • mayonnaise
  • Sour salad dressings
  • Citrus fruits and fruit salads

Even a permanent stay, for example, a silver spoon in a salt pot is not recommended.


For silverware, a protected storage is important. Ideally, the individual cutlery pieces are in individual layers. For this there are in household trade Einsteckleisten and storage aids that can be mounted in a drawer. As a scratch protection is the deflection of the storage with soft fine felt. An inlaid piece of conventional chalk inhibits chemical reactions of the silver with the air.

As an alternative to a designed drawer, a self-made cutlery bag can serve as an ideal storage place. They can be designed as textile diaper bags with individual compartments. To avoid is the direct contact of the silver cutlery to other metal, rubber and colors.


If cloudiness forms on the silver cutlery, react as quickly as possible. There are some effective home remedies that are effective in eliminating the first and subtle traces of getting started. In most cases, the affected areas can still be eliminated by polishing at an early stage.

Tips & Tricks

For example, if you need to remove stains or cloudiness, a cleansing bath will help with household-grade aluminum foil.

Video Board: Clean silver, removing tarnish instantly without polishing or harsh chemicals