Keep silver cutlery - avoid tarnishing

Silver cutlery will not only turn black when it is used and you may even have eaten eggs with it. Also, by the storage and influence of the air alone, the silver is often already start. This is of course annoying if you rarely use silver cutlery. It should be cleaned before storing the silver. Here are the tricks for storing silverware.

Maintain and clean silver

Mostly you have to clean the silver if you want to use it and then again before you keep silver. This is of course extremely annoying and one uses the silver barely. Before you store the silver, you should clean it. This is either a classic silver bath or aluminum foil with salt and hot water. If you have extra ornate pieces, you can use a soft toothbrush and baking soda or toothpaste to clean the cutlery.

Storing silverware

The cutlery must be polished absolutely clean as I said. In addition, it must also be dried very thoroughly. There are several ways to prevent it from restarting, depending on how much effort you want to make.

  • Cover with napkins or tea towels
  • Add chalk and / or salt to the cutlery drawer

Napkins or kitchen towels

The less the silver comes in contact with the air, the better. You can now wrap each piece individually in napkins. You can also reuse them a few times to beat the cutlery. But if the cutlery is used regularly, it will help if you only spread a few napkins or tea towels.

Chalk and salt

Normal chalk, as we know it from school days, is placed in this method between the silver in the cutlery drawer. The chalk removes the moisture from the environment. Similarly, small bowls of salt, which you put in the drawer, also work. However, both funds must be renewed from time to time and prevent the tarnishing at most together with the covering of the silver.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not use your silverware at all, you can pack it airtight after cleaning. For example, with a vacuum sealer, each individual piece can be packaged airtight. This is probably the most durable version that can prevent a restart really for years. Because of the great effort, this option only makes sense if you do not use the silver.