Silver ring colors - these 3 remedies help!

Sometimes you just have bad luck, the new beautiful silver ring colors ugly green or brown-gray on the skin. This of course looks extremely ugly and spoils all the joy of the otherwise beautiful piece of jewelry. There are, however, three small tricks that prevent the staining of silver on the skin, at least for some time.

Silver colors - causes

The reasons for the coloration of silver are quite different. Some refer to too much sulfur in the silver alloy, others call the chemical nature of human sweat as a reason for the discoloration. However, it is usually only individual pieces that cause this discoloration.


Many more expensive silver rings are rhodium plated today. This is a protective coating with rhodium, which should prevent the start of the silver first. At the same time, however, rhodium prevents discoloration on the skin.

Clean and seal

First, you should thoroughly clean the ring in question with a silver bath or with aluminum foil and salt. Afterwards, the piece of jewelry must be thoroughly dried so that you can apply one of the three possible sealers.

Solution 1 - Hairspray

The fastest solution is a solid hairspray. Also hair lacquer is very effective with a silver ring. However, you often have to re-apply this sealer and, incidentally, the hairspray can stick to it if you sweat on your hands.

Solution 2 - spray plaster

Somewhat more durable than hair spray is normal spray plaster. But make sure that it is a clear, transparent product. Even the spray plaster does not last for eternity, but also tolerates a hand washing once, without dissolving immediately.

Solution 3 - Nail Polish

The longest clearly holds a clear nail polish on the inside of the ring. If you let the first coat dry thoroughly, you can even seal the inside with a second coat of nail polish.

Tips & Tricks

There are also very special metal coatings that seal the material very sustainably. But here you usually have to buy a whole can at the hardware store. Even the smallest portions are probably exaggerated for the sealing of jewelry. However, these special paints last longer on the jewelry.

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