Simple carnival costumes

Simple ideas for carnival costumes

Simple carnival costumes: carnival

On carnival, cowboys and Indians, various animals, polar bears, snowmen, convicts and many other cheerful characters on carnival rides or parties to party until late at night.

It's the only event in the year that does not look awry when you disguise yourself in a crazy way.

If you are looking for an individual disguise, you will find links in the following collection with various crafting instructions and patterns for simple carnival costumes.

Contents: Ideas for carnival costumes

  • Instructions and ideas for simple carnival costumes
  • Costumes and accessories for cowboys and Indians

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Instructions and ideas for simple carnival costumes

Rococo costume

Numerous ideas for Rococo and Baroque costumes to make your own.

Carnival Costume "Uhu-Tube"

Instructions for a costume "glue tube" in two parts (linked is the 2nd part).
with everything biggi!

Billiard ball costume for pregnant women

Instructions for a very simple pregnancy costume: billiard ball "black 8" made of felt and fleece.
at Babybirds Blog

Mermaids Costume

Sewing and crafting instructions for a mermaid tail. This mermaid costume is only suitable for sedentary activities.

Costume "Pink Flamingo"

A last minute flamingo costume made of easy-to-buy components.
at Mrs. Berry

Fast costume idea for the street carnival: Cookie monster costume from a blue wig, polystyrene balls and printed T-shirt with free print template as PDF download.
at Mrs. Berry

Flying Spaghetti Monster Costume

A simple costume of the Flying Spaghetti Monster made of a hairband, ropes and fabric, for all believing Pastafarians.
at Expli

Deer costume with antlers

Illustrated instructions for a self-made adult costume with bodysuit with felt belly, antler and antler on papier-mâché on headband and felt ears.
at flattery

Pokemon Trainer Costume

Instructions for a proper outfit for a female Pokémon-Go trainer with stripe applications on baseball cap, clothing and shoes.
with Ginny Di

Snowman Costume

Make costume for carnival itself. Consisting of white clothes, carrot nose, black pompons and cylinders.

Little mermaid costume

Video tutorial for crafting a mermaid costume for adults.
Martha Stewart

Ritter Sport Costume

Crafting instructions for a last minute costuming as a blackboard "Ritter Sport" chocolate. From cardboard and cardboard, with artwork.
at Ritter-Sport Blog

Colored Pencil Panel (Group)

Costume made of fabric, wooden foil and sponge rubber, nice colorful with sharpened hat.
at Bastelmafia

Ötzikostüm - Stone Age human costume

Stone Age man costume with jacket, hat, clothes and shoes.
at GEOlinoSprache: German

Costumes and accessories for cowboys and Indians

Costume Indianersquaw

Simple Indian costume made from an old T-shirt in beige.

Craft Indian headdress

Crafting instructions for a feather headdress and an Indian amulet with feathers.

Indian costume for boys and girls

A fast and simple costume for children from old clothes, scraps and costume jewelery. Illustrated manual.
at Handmade Kultur

Cowboy costume: leather vest

Pattern for a cowboy vest made of leather. Schnittzeichungen.
at Hoppsala

Cowboy costume: cowboy pants

Crafting instructions for a cowboy pants from an old jeans.
at Hoppsala

Indian costume: Indian dress

Crafting instructions for an Indian dress made of jute cloth, an Indian headband and a Tomahawk.
at Pelikan

Indian costumes

Instructions for realistic Indian costumes for an Indian camp. Consisting of loincloth, tomahawk, amulets and totem.
at Praxis Jugendart

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