Simple function with a big impact: the gutter screen

With the placement of dome-shaped eaves gutters over the drainage points of a gutter, the blockage of the drain nozzle and the downpipe is prevented. The roundish wire mesh balls are simply pressed into the holes and fix themselves by the residual stress of the wire mesh.

Models and materials

In most cases gutter strainers are made of metal whose surface has either been refined or made of solid material. Also available on the market are gutter screens made of plastic, which however can often become brittle due to their rapidly decreasing flexibility and form flexibility.

Corresponding to the common metals for gutters, gutters are manufactured in titanium zinc, copper and aluminum versions. All metal types are available in solid form. As a cheaper alternative gutter strainers are also offered in copper or galvanized steel.

Aluminum screens are always made of solid material, since the price difference to otherwise processed metal is too low. The same applies to stainless steel, which is often used in plastic gutters.

Durability and installation

Gutters let the gutter free and protect only the drainage point. This avoids clogging the drainage holes or constantly flushing leaves fills the downpipe. The gutters themselves, however, must be cleaned normally in case of high foliage.

The gutter screens are usually inserted into the downpipe hole at around four fifths of their height, so that the top of the wire mesh dome protrudes only a few centimeters above the height level of the gutter floor in the gutter.

Metal gutters do not rot and can only become unusable due to mechanical damage. This includes corrosion as a result of surface damage and scratches on copper or galvanized models.

When inserting gutters, care must be taken not to scratch the surfaces, edges and edges of the gutter or the wire of the sieve.

Examples of prices

  • Galvanized gutter strainers at cost 1.80 euros per piece. Made of solid copper or stainless steel, the price is just under five euros.
  • At, galvanized gutters are available from 2.20 euros.
  • At, a galvanized gutter strainer under the product name Rinnenseiher costs 5.36 euros per piece.

Tips & Tricks

On the private trade portals such as a lot of gutters in all imaginable sizes and materials are offered. Single prices for plastic versions under two euros are common, for variants made of metal from two euros.

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