The simple way of redesigning: tiles for sticking

The German moves on average fourteen times, as some statistics claim. And more than once he encounters tile decors in bathrooms, kitchens or other rooms that look outmoded, old or worn. Glue tiles help in this case.

Standard durability and motifs

For example, modern plastic adhesive films can withstand frosty temperatures, weather conditions and intensive cleaning on vehicles and outdoor signs. The household products, gluing tiles, are optimized for temperatures, water and wear, and are designed to last for a maximum of five years.

With the digital printing technology and the resiliently sealed plastic surfaces, almost every imaginable look is available as a tile for gluing. The palette ranges from monochrome tiles to mosaic patterns and marbled structures and textures to imitations of wood, stone and photorealistic images.

Individual cuts and low prices

Usually, manufacturers and retailers offer custom-made tiles for gluing. The customer indicates the dimensions of the existing tiles and gets cut tiles in the desired number. This applies to single-colored tile stickers as well as multi-part tile pictures, which can reproduce given motifs or self-made photographs.

The price range for tiles for sticking ranges from unit prices from ten eurocents for wall tiles to more than one euro for more durable floor tiles for sticking up to multi-part tile pictures that are offered at package prices, where the unit price can be several euros.

  • The online retailer offers tile pictures in various sizes, ranging from two single tiles to over 96 tiles, which corresponds to the size of 120 by eighty centimeters with a single tile size of ten by ten centimeters.
  • Specialists such as tile- and offer on their online portals detailed operating tools to configure the tiles for sticking individually.

Tips & Tricks

Despite their enormous durability tiles are easily removable for sticking and without residues. Therefore, permission from a landlord or owner is not necessary.

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