Quite simple: how to calculate how much wall paint you need!

A normal situation: You stand in the hardware store in front of a large pile of paint buckets and put one or two of them in the shopping cart. At least now you ask yourself how many liters of wall paint are actually necessary to paint the surface in question. This can be easily determined with the help of a few data, but it is better that you already start at home with calculating the wall color.

How many square meters do you have to delete?

First, you need to know how many square feet of area to cover with wall paint. For this you need the following dimensions:

  • Room length, room width and room height
  • Window width and window height
  • Number of windows
  • Door width and door height
  • Number of doors

If you also want to paint the ceiling, multiply the room length by the room width and have already the square footage of this area. Then take the room height with the room length times, then multiply the room width by the room height.

Now you have to double the last two areas, since you have to delete two of them. At the very end, in the same way calculate the square footage of the windows and doors in order to deduct them from the total area with the calculator.

How much wall color fits on one square meter?

Most paint buckets have a label that states, among other things, how high the paint consumption per square meter is. This information is urgently needed if you want to calculate the number of buckets of wall paint required.

At the same time you have to know, of course, how many liters of paint a bucket contains, and that is also stated on the label. Equipped with these simple coordinates, you are already close to the finish. Now only a very light bill follows:

(Total area x consumption per square meter): liters per bucket = number of paint buckets

Please note: window reveals, wall structure and opacity

Note that also the window reveals have to be deleted, but can not find an entry in this invoice. Depending on how many soffits you own and how big they are, one or the other liter of wall paint could be used there.

In addition, a rough wall structure, such as a coarse-grained roughcast needs more color than a smooth surface. And should your paint cover poorly, you'll need to take the bucket number two times because you'll probably need to double-strike.

Tips & Tricks

Is your room to be painted not simply rectangular, but winding? Then, for the sake of simplicity, divide the individual areas into rectangles and calculate the required wall color.