Simple window - all facts

If you think of a single glazed window in a single window, you are wrong. Each single-leaf window is basically a single window. It can be equipped with both single, double and triple glazing. Here we show you all the facts about the practical single window and the possible glazing.

Wing at the single window

The normal single-leaf window, which can have both a fixed wing or a turn-tilt wing, is a single window. Even sprouts can be used in a single window. The frames of the single windows can be made of plastic, wood or aluminum. There is usually a wooden core in an aluminum frame. Rarer is plastic as a core installed in an aluminum window.

Glazing - double or triple

Simple windows with simple glazing are no longer allowed in a heated residential building. Until about the fifties there was hardly a double glazed single window. An exception are still there today the box windows. Here are usually single windows with a single glazing installed, but two windows with a distance that usually corresponds to the wall thickness.

The double glazing is still the current form. However, this glazing has evolved considerably for the single window. Between the two discs today usually a noble gas or a vacuum is included. This provides for an additional insulating effect.

Important facts in brief

Here are the important points to look out for in a single window:

  • Glazing - in the house at least 2-fold
  • Filling in the space between the panes
  • frame material
  • Seals in the frame

Special form for single window

The so-called winter window had been completely forgotten for several years. Meanwhile, it is being used more frequently because of the high heating costs. It is a window frame, which is not firmly connected to the masonry, but is set only in the winter months on the windowsill in the window reveal.

Thus, the normal windows then basically become box windows for the winter time. In spring, the windows are simply taken out again and stored, for example, under the bed.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the glazing, the seal is the most important element in a single window. Today, modern energy-saving windows already have three or four-fold gasket sets, which are connected in series.

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