Vocal lessons from the professional: These costs are common

Singing lessons can be taken at a private teacher or at a music school, and some folk high schools also offer voice training courses. The costs are based primarily on the ability and the advanced training of the teacher.

Where can I take singing lessons?

Especially in larger cities, there are many opportunities for singing lessons. Below we list the different alternatives:

  • municipal music school
  • private music school
  • Community College
  • privately with a music student
  • at a fully trained vocal teacher

You pay for these lesson contents

When you first book your singing lessons, you probably first decide on a specific style. For example, classical singing is very different from blues or pop. Most vocal teachers offer their students a very specific repertoire.

In order to use your voice optimally, you will also perform breathing exercises and correct posture exercises. In addition, a good singing teacher trains your physical expression, which is reflected in the vocal mimic and gestures appropriate.

The music theory should not be missing: If you can not read music, you will learn this as part of your lessons. The timetable also includes rhythm, harmony and ear training: these lesson modules help you to achieve a harmonious vocal voice.

Singing lessons: indicative cost

Each music school and music teacher sets his own price per song hour. The singing lessons are offered especially cheaply at the municipal music school and sometimes also at the VHS.

The municipal music schools, however, focus heavily on children and adolescents. One hour of private lessons costs around 20 EUR. As a VHS adult, you pay about 60 to 150 EUR for a total of ten hours of group lessons.

The average private teacher takes for one hour of private lessons about 25 to 50 EUR, but a prominent teacher will be much higher in price: Dis to 150 EUR per individual lesson are quite possible.

A cost example for private singing lessons

A young woman takes singing lessons. First, she books 10 preparatory group lessons with a private teacher, then takes 10 lessons of private lessons. The teacher is one of the best in the city.

Cost overviewprice
1. 10 group lessons300 EUR
2. 10 individual lessons450 EUR
total750 EUR

Use low-cost offers

Many a music student already offers passable singing lessons for 15 EUR per hour. This is certainly enough to get a taste of the basics. You may benefit from special discounts at public music schools and community colleges.

Tips & Tricks

Do not pay attention alone to the costs when it comes to singing lessons. The chemistry between your teacher and you must be right! Especially with one-to-one lessons, experience has shown that it is very beneficial if students and teachers are sympathetic.

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