The family house - architect or solid house company?

When building a massive single-family home, you can choose between two ways to organize it: the architect and a solid house company. In this article you will learn advantages and disadvantages of both variants and why it depends on your personal situation.

The solid house company - everything from one source

The biggest advantage of a developer, your solid house company, is the central organization: all steps, from planning to completion, are managed by one supplier. This means that if you have questions, wishes or problems, you only need one permanent contact person. You also have far less responsibility than the architect; They conclude a contract for the "complete package" and can sit back.

However, it is very important that you go through the construction and service description before signing the contract. If you do not do that, unpleasant surprises can occur: Often, development costs are not included, which can ultimately lead to an additional price in the five-digit range. If you find it difficult to keep track, you should consult an expert (for example, a lawyer).

The family house - architect or solid house company?: solid

A clear disadvantage for a property developer is high refinancing, if change requests arise during the construction phase. Here you have the architects, or the exporting craft businesses better opportunities, because not everything is centrally organized, but everyone does "his part".

The architect - individuality and personal responsibility

The decision for the architect also has clear advantages. Here are the possibilities for individualization higher, however, you are jointly responsible for the planning: The more precisely you elaborate your ideas with the architect, the more accurate the final contract tender. So they are more involved than with a property developer and can not easily sit back.

But this is not the only downside. For an architect, the initial cost estimate may not be as accurate as it is for the solid house company. This does not mean that the costs are completely uncertain: A fixed fee for architects allows you to keep an eye on the architect's salary at all times.

As a rule, planning with an architect is a bit more expensive than with a solid house company, where the planning costs are usually included in the price. The average fee of an architect is about ten percent of the construction costs.

Your decision

Basically, there is no "right" or "wrong" in this decision. Rather, it depends on what you value: If you want to avoid as much stress as possible, the solid house company is a good choice. On the other hand, if you value individual design in every detail, you will be happier with the architect.

Tips & Tricks

Compare both architects and solid house suppliers to find a competent and fair partner. Because: The construction of your single-family home is a big investment, which is why professional support is all the more important.

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