Modernize the family house properly

If your detached house is technically outdated, it may cause horrendous operating costs - the solution is a modernization. In this article you will find out where a modernization is particularly useful and what you can take into account.

Modernize and refurbish - the difference

Often a modernization is equated with a refurbishment, although there are great differences. While in a renovation usually one or more specific errors, such as mold or leaks are present, a modernization represents only an extensive improvement of the situation.

What should be modernized?

The reason for a modernization is in most cases obsolete technology, which leads to high heating costs. Therefore, the most important consideration in this decision is: Is the heater to blame? Heating systems, which have already lived through several decades, come from a time when neither energy costs nor environmental protection played a special role. Therefore, it often happens that such a plant swallows about three times as much energy compared to a modern - with the same power.

Modernize the family house properly: modernization

However, modernization can also take place in completely different places: Whether new, insulating glazing or reinforced insulation on the roof - there are many ways to make your single-family home efficient. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out a "troubleshooting" with a specialist before the modernization - after all, an effective modernization is not a bargain.

How much does a modernization cost?

The cost of a modernization can range from a few thousand euros to high five-digit amounts - it depends on what you do. If heating and insulation are in good condition and "minor items" such as new windows, this does not mean automatic price savings.

Tips & Tricks

Let a professional modernization company advise you on what you can do for more efficiency in a single-family home. But watch out: a company that wants to get you as many products as possible is not the right partner - often small improvements are enough.

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