Exchange a single wooden beam yourself or not

When examining old wooden beams more closely or accidentally discovering damage, sometimes only a single beam is affected. In this case, the exchange offers. Even with load-bearing beams, this can be done by an experienced handyman himself if he knows which basic features must be maintained.

Exclude exclusion criteria for yourself

There are two factors that determine whether the replacement of a wooden beam can be carried out without expert qualification: if a single beam is to be replaced, which has no supporting function and if the beam can be easily restored in the same way. Already from the exchange of a second beam as in the renovation of a wooden beam ceiling, a specialist should be consulted.

Before the evaluation of the feasibility is finally answered, the on-site circumstances should also be examined. These include the fortifications on the wall, where appropriate the type of walling of the wooden beam and the possibly existing connections with other beams and support structures.

In general, after exposing the damaged beam, the part can be removed without mechanical disassembly. This means in particular simply laid ceiling and support beams. Within connected constructions such as a roof truss, a carpenter must carry out the exchange.

Building law conservation

Under construction law, the conservation of static bearing components is defined. This conservation includes the following requirements that must be met when replacing a wooden beam:

  • The cross-sectional size of the new beam must at least reach that of the old
  • The bar distances to the neighboring bars must not increase
  • The floor structures remain identical in shape, height and horizontal

These conditions are, similar to renovations and extensions of old beams, a certain amount of room for interpretation on the part of the building authorities suspended. Even if the exchange is permitted under building law, you should always ask a specialist for any doubt about the load-bearing capacity of the wooden beam.

Tips & Tricks

You can answer the feasibility of the self-exchange with three test points relatively conclusively for yourself. If you know the static function, you can exactly repeat the method of attachment of the wooden beam and you know what sapwood and sprout are?

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