Clean the sink - you should pay attention to this

Rinses are usually more or less easy to clean and easy to clean - but you should still pay attention to a few things. How to clean rinses made of different materials works best and which tips will help you in this article.

rinse material

Rinses - depending on the material - require different levels of care and are easy to clean.

The most insensitive is ceramics, most care costs require granite sinks. The classic stainless steel sinks are somewhere in the middle between the two. When cleaning, you must always take the respective material into consideration.

ceramic sinks

When cleaning, you rarely need more than water, and maybe some detergent. Dirt can hardly adhere here, stains arise, if at all, only after prolonged exposure to substances. On scouring and scratching cleaning equipment, however, you should refrain from ceramics. Once the surface has been roughened, dirt sticks even better there.

granite sinks

The granite sink is especially sensitive to water spots. It should be carefully dried after each use with a soft cloth, otherwise it can look dull very quickly. Avoid scratching agents as much as possible, even if the surface is relatively insensitive.

stainless steel sinks

Here, the spot stain, the scratch inclination, and the propensity to look dull and dull are the greatest of all materials. Therefore, clean stainless steel rinses very thoroughly and always with gentle means. Drying after use can also help make the sink last longer.

home remedies

Especially with stainless steel sinks, there are three very effective home remedies that have proven themselves for a long time:

  • baking powder
  • vinegar
  • potatoes

baking powder

Baking soda, mixed with water to a pasty paste, is one of the best cleaners for stubborn stains, but also for the entire kitchen sink. After cleaning rinse with plenty of water and dry.


Essig and Essigessenz help especially when removing limescale in the sink. Both are also good cleaning agents for other stubborn stains in the sink.


If you want to get a stainless steel sink shiny again, you can simply rub it off with a halved potato. Then rinse with clear water and dry. Often works amazingly well. Reason is the effect of potato starch.

Tips & Tricks

As with everything in the home, regular cleaning and immediate removal of stains will help prevent the formation of hard-to-remove stains. That's why - just in the kitchen - make it a habit, and your cleaning will always be minimal.

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