Attach washbasin fitting - that's how it works

To attach a mixer to the sink is not too difficult. How exactly, and what steps you need to take in order, and what to look for, is explained in detail in our step-by-step guide.

Install washbasin fitting - step by step

  • new fitting
  • seals
  • pipe wrench
  • matching fork wrench
  • Bucket for collecting residual water (when removing an old tap)

1. Lock the water inlet

First turn the angle valves. They are closed in a clockwise direction. For safety, turn off the main valve while fitting the fitting.

2. Remove old fitting (if necessary)

If there is still an old fitting, remove it first. Use the open-end wrench to unscrew the nuts on the connection hoses (or connecting pipes). Also loosen the attachment of the fitting, which is located below the washbasin. You can then simply pull out the old fitting at the top.

3. Fit new valve

You can easily install a new fitting simply by reversing the steps outlined above. First tighten the fitting to the water connections. Then adjust the fitting with the fixing not yet tightened. After adjusting, you can finally tighten the fastening.

4. Testing

After everything is screwed, open the main valve and then the angle valves. Turn up the water and let it run for some time. You can check the tightness of the valve. In addition, any lime residues in the connection area will be flushed out.

When you remount a fitting, your sink must also have the appropriate holes. When making your purchase, always make sure that the faucet and sink holes actually fit together (but in most cases this is the case).

Tips & Tricks

It is recommended to additionally seal the water connections with some Teflon tape or with hemp.

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