Change sink fitting - that's how it works

Even fittings do not last forever. If a fitting is defective, it is best to replace it completely. Repairs to mixer taps are seldom possible and worthwhile. How to do this step by step is explained in this article.

Change the washbasin fitting - step by step

  • new fitting
  • new seals
  • pipe wrench
  • Fork wrench in matching size
  • Bucket for catching residual water

1. Shut off water

Before starting work, you must first shut off the water. Begin by first turning the angle valves clockwise all the way. Normally that is enough, but for safety's sake you can also turn off the main valve (recommended).

2. Remove the old fitting

Now remove the old fitting. To do this, turn the nuts on the water connection with the open-end wrench. Then disconnect the connection pipes (or connecting hoses from the water connections). The attachment of the fitting, which is located below the washbasin, you can also solve. Unscrew everything completely, then you can pull the valve upwards.

3. Fit new valve

The assembly of the new valve takes place in exactly the reverse order as the disassembly of the old valve. Insert the fitting from above through the holes and screw it provisionally and only lightly. Then connect the water connections. Align the fitting and finally secure it.

4. Review

After replacing the valves and opening the water shut-off (open the angle valves, open the main valve again), let the water run for a while and check for leaks.

Drillings for fittings

In general, new fittings match the existing holes on the sink. In individual cases, it may happen that this is not the case. So before you buy a new fitting, always check to see if it fits the existing holes.

Tips & Tricks

You should always renew seals completely. Normally it is recommended to additionally seal the water connections. You can use Teflon tape or hemp, which you have to process properly and correctly.

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