Repair the sink - you can do that

Although ceramic is a very hard and resistant material, but scratches and quirks at the sink can sometimes occur. How to mend them yourself, and what you need for it, you will learn in this post.

types of damage

The ceramic sink can cause various damages. When something falls down and hits the hard sink, there are often quirks or chipping. Small scratches can also form over time in the sink.

You can still do both yourself. Such damage should always be repaired, otherwise they can get bigger and eat deeper into the material. In the worst case, more and more parts are splintering from the sink. You should definitely avoid that.

Cracks and big damages

For larger cracks or deep damage you can usually do nothing more. At most, a specialist can still repair ceramic. Damaged and repaired areas are then usually still visible afterwards.

Ways to repair

repair kits

For ceramics, there are special repair kits that make a self-repair possible. So minor quirks can be repaired and refilled, and your progression of damage is also stopped. Such repair kits cost between 20 and 40 EUR in the trade.

The handling is relatively simple, but you have to work clean and very carefully, so that the result is actually good. If the repair results do not fall or if the area is too large, you can also completely coat the sink afterwards.

However, damage that is more than 4 mm deep can not be repaired with it. Even with a deep crack that does not work.


Fine scratches that do not reach deep, you can polish off in many cases simply. There are special polishes for that. The application of polish also has another effect: The fact that the surface is then smooth again, no dirt or lime can be deposited in the scratches. Rough and scratched areas in the sink are always "dirt spots" that are difficult to keep clean.

Tips & Tricks

When repairing materials, always make sure that they are actually suitable for ceramics. Other repair agents are not or only partially helpful.

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