Sink: the water connection

Of course, a sink must also be installed on the water connection. How to do that and what you should pay attention to, read here. And what you always have to pay attention to with angle valves.

Connection of the sink fitting

As with the washbasin, the fitting is also connected to the angle valves with flexible hoses or pipes in the kitchen sink. The sink must also be positioned so that it lies exactly in front of the connections. These are:

  • Wastewater connection (orientation line, middle of sink)
  • Hot water connection (usually left)
  • Cold water connection (usually right)

The sink is then connected with the drain fitting to the drain connection in the wall.

Angle valves

It may happen that you do not find any corner valves in newly purchased apartments, but only a sealed with plugs thread. You can easily turn the angle valves yourself after you have sealed them, but you should be very careful.

The water is under high pressure here, mistakes immediately cause the heaviest water damage. Leave the setting of the angle valves (also because of the liability) therefore rather the expert.

Tips & Tricks

The connection of the sink to existing angle valves but you can do well yourself. Pay close attention to the tightness of all connections.

Video Board: Replace Kitchen Sink Water Supply Lines