Sink - what prices do you have to expect?

When it comes to the purchase of a new vanity, of course, the cost also play an important role. Which prices you have to expect for sinks, and what criteria determine the prices, read in this post.

Price Range

The prices for sinks can vary greatly. Simple washbasins - without fittings and drainage system - are already available in DIY stores for around 30 - 40 EUR. A complete wash basin including fitting costs from around 60 - 80 EUR.

The prices for designer washbasins can be much higher. For special designs, prices of 250 - 350 EUR are quite common. The same applies to countertop washbasins. Again, prices are in a similar range.

Price-determining factors

For the price of a washbasin numerous factors are crucial. Below are:

  • the material
  • the manufacturer
  • the dimensions
  • the design

The usual sink material is still ceramic today. In addition, mineral casting has established itself as a material with special properties (somewhat lighter, drillable and more malleable than ceramics). Because of the cheaper production, washbasins made of mineral cast iron are also about 10% cheaper in trade than comparable sinks made of conventional ceramics.

"Exotic" materials drive up the price very quickly. In most cases, glass washbasins are almost twice as expensive as a comparable ceramic washbasin.

Special series

Many furniture stores - such as Ikea - also have their own ceramic series for the bathroom. The prices are usually within the usual framework of DIY stores, but designs can sometimes be significantly higher quality than DIY hardware.

If you are looking for a new washbasin complete with fittings, it is often worth making a detour to the nearby furniture stores. Often it is also worth the purchase of a complete bathroom series instead of complex replacement of all parts.

Keep in mind, however, that after a few years, you may find it difficult to replace individual parts to suit specific designs that fit a series.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not really want a new washbasin, if the ravages of time have gone by its old, you might as well consider having your old washbasin recoated.

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