Siphon - is there an extension?

If the parts of a siphon just do not want to fit the existing wastewater connection, you can also manage with extensions. What types of extensions are there, and how to use them properly, can be found in this post.

Need for extensions

Depending on where a sink is newly installed, it may happen that the position of their drain no longer fits exactly to the sewage connection. In this case you have to make do with extensions or flexible connections. This can easily solve mounting problems.

Types of extensions

  • dip tube
  • adjustable dip tubes
  • Diving tubes with offset
  • Flexible drainpipes

These extensions are available as additional sections. As a rule, you can often get by without them, simply by cutting the pipes with a new drain fitting. However, they can in many cases make work easier if they are simply used as intermediate pieces. Then eliminates the re-cutting of the pipes.

dip tube

Not every drain fitting requires a dip tube. In some cases, the siphon can also be mounted directly on the drain valve. If another sink is used, it may be necessary to use a dip tube additionally.

Extension tubes and separate extension pieces are also available, which can extend the existing dip tube by a certain distance so that it reaches to the siphon.

Adjustable dip tubes

Diving tubes can also be adjustable. This is often the case with the chrome variants. This saves a cutting of the tube if the dip tube has the required length in its adjustment range.

Diving tubes with offset

Immersion tubes with a so-called "bend" (a kink that moves the tube slightly laterally offset) serve to compensate for sideways differences. This is only possible to a small extent, but often the 2 - 3 cm are enough to reach the waste water connection straight ahead.

Flexible drainpipes

If the position of a new sink opposite the old sink laterally offset, and a dip tube with cranking is not enough, you can also put on a flexible drain hose to the drain connection. The principle is similar to the flexible procedure that you know from the washing machine. Even so short differences can be bridged sideways, but also in height without much effort. Flexible hoses are only available for plastic drainage sets.

Tips & Tricks

Flexible hoses are a good option, but you should still be careful not to overstill the flexibility, so that the connection does not slip out of the wall.

Video Board: Siphon Road Extension Project