Clean a sisal rug only dry

The fibers of the agave species, from which a sisal carpet is made, are extremely sensitive to moisture. Even small amounts of water or spilled liquids can lead to deformation and damage. When cleaning, only dry mechanical procedures may be used.

Always ensure fast drying

A sisal rug is very sensitive to moisture. Wet spots and surfaces contract and form deformations. In extreme cases, the carpet casts bumps. Therefore, cleaning with acute liquid pollution is primarily drying out. This heat can be applied for example by a hair dryer. Special dry granules are often helpful.

For special types of stains there are aids to dissolve the impurity. If it is necessary to work with light humidity in individual cases, immediate drying out is imperative. Mechanically, a sisal carpet is very resistant, so that powerful knocking and shaking is not a problem. High-performance vacuum cleaners also help with cleaning.

Cleaning facilities for a sisal carpet

  • Detergent pH neutral
  • Aspirin pill
  • turpentine
  • Granules for dehumidifying air
  • potato starch
  • Hairdryer or fan heater
  • wine corks
  • Absorbent soft rag
  • sponge
  • paper towels
  • brush
  • nailfile
  • carpet beater
  • Possibly steam cleaner

1. General maintenance cleaning

A sisal carpet can be vacuumed regularly with the strongest suction power. Depending on the load, it may be advisable to use the carpet beater occasionally to remove dirt particles that have penetrated deeper.

2. Acute pollution

The most important success factor in cleaning is the fast reaction. Depending on the type of contamination should be cleaned immediately and then dried.

3. Water stains

Soak up moisture with paper towels, sponge or cloth. Then sprinkle with potato starch. Suck off later. For large and / or dried-on spots spread dewatering granules. Vacuum after one to two hours.

4. Sweet drink and juice stains

Lightly wet sponge or brush with pH neutral detergent. So that the spots work. Scrape off incrustations with wine corks or nail file.

5. Beer and wine stains

Drizzle cloth with turpentine and rubbing stains with it. Can also be used for other greasy stains such as shoe polish or oil.

6. Bloodstains

Dissolve an aspirin tablet in a glass of water. Treat the stains with a gently soaked cloth. The active ingredient dissolves the blood and then treat it like water stains.

7. Use a steam cleaner

Manufacturers offer steam cleaners, which should also be suitable for cleaning sisal carpets. The devices must under no circumstances be confused with the popular steam cleaners. Steam extractors hardly moisten the suctioned surface due to their suction function.

Hairdryer or fan heater always ready

For all types of cleaning of a sisal rug, a brief exposure to moisture and fast drying out is the top priority. For every cleaning process, have a hair dryer or fan heater ready for subsequent rapid drying. The sisal fibers are very heat resistant.

Tips & Tricks

Granules for air or room humidification can be found in hardware stores, in shops for outdoor and camping equipment and in drugstores. In some cases, repeated use helps.

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