Determine the size of the roof window

Although roof windows are available in different sizes, you should first measure the distance of the rafters to find the right window. To adjust the rafters costs additionally and this work may only be carried out by a master craftsman.

Comply with existing rafter spacing

Of course, the roof window does not necessarily fit exactly between the rafters. However, if you want to do the window installation yourself, you should pay attention.

The rafters may only be moved by a specialist company. If you yourself carry out a rafter change, for example, there may be problems with insurance in case of a storm damage.

Determine the size of the roof window: roof

Check the renovation measure

The distance between the rafters is called renovation distance. It is therefore slightly smaller than the width of the frame. So if you want to be sure to buy the right width, you should remove the insulation and measure the distance accurately.

Standard sizes push the price

If you stick to the usual standards of roof windows when choosing sizes, you can save a lot. Special designs are disproportionately more expensive and offer no advantage except for the saved rafter exchange.

Widths of the skylights

Most of the roof window width begins at about 50 centimeters renovation measure. The largest width available is 129 centimeters.

Here the usual widths, in which roof windows are usually available. The first number is the width of the renovation measure and the second the frame width.

  • 50/55 centimeters
  • 61/66 centimeters
  • 73/78 centimeters
  • 89/94 inches
  • 109/114 centimeters
  • 129/134 centimeters

Height of skylights

Also in the height of the skylight, the first number indicates the renovation measure and the second indication the width with the frame.

  • 73/78 centimeters
  • 93/98 centimeters
  • 113/118 centimeters
  • 135/140 centimeters

Placement of the roof window in the roof area

From a skylight one promises a lot of light and a beautiful view. But for this, the window must be placed perfectly in the roof area. If it is too low, you get too little light and bigger people always look up against the frame of the window.

If the window is set too high, you get a lot of light in the room, but smaller people can not open the window without help. In addition, you can not enjoy the sweeping views of the countryside.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on who will live in the attic room, you should use the skylight at the appropriate height. However, at the same time, growth should be included in the consideration of children. Therefore, it is often more practical to buy a slightly larger height in the skylight.

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