Sizes of bed sheets: The usual dimensions

When buying a bed sheet, it is very important to get the right size. If the sheet does not fit properly, you wake up in the morning on the bare mattress and that's not a nice feeling. Which bed sheet sizes are there and what else to look for when buying, you can find out here.

Common mattress sizes in Germany

The most common mattress sizes in Germany are 90 x 200cm or 100 x 200cm for single bed and 140 x 200cm for double beds. In between, however, there are in addition a lot of gradations: there are e.g. also mattresses with the dimensions 90 x 190cm, 120 x 200cm or 140 x 220cm. The normal lengths in Germany range between 190 and 220cm and the widths between 80 and 200cm.

US measurements

In Germany, there are not only mattresses with German dimensions on the market, also US-American sizes are not uncommon. This is mainly because the boxspring beds, which are becoming more and more famous in Germany, are originally from the USA. Therefore, there are some imported models in Germany to buy and they show just the American dimensions. Since these are very different from the German sizes, in an American box spring bed usually also an American fitted sheet must be bought.
Here is an overview of the most common American sizes:

  • Twin: 99cm x 190.5cm
  • Double bed: 137 cm x 190.5 cm
  • Queen: 152 cm x 203 cm
  • King / Eastern King: 193cm x 203cm

The mattress height

For box spring beds, attention should not only be paid to the special outside dimensions, but also the height must be included in the purchase decision. Mattresses of box spring beds are often much higher than conventional mattresses due to the thin mat on the mattress, the so-called topper. While a conventional mattress is about 20 to 30cm high, a mattress from a box spring bed is 35 to 40cm high. Therefore, special fitted sheets for box spring beds must be purchased for box spring beds.

water bed

Also for waterbeds you need a special bed sheet: Firstly, waterbeds are often a bit longer than conventional beds and secondly, the height of the mattress must be taken into account.

Tips & Tricks

Just sew yourself a fitted sheet. Find out how to proceed step by step here.

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